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Thread: 26 week Micro Preemie Low Milk Supply

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    Default 26 week Micro Preemie Low Milk Supply

    I delivered on Feb.5th. I have been pumping since delivery every 3 hours for 15 mins or so as instructed by my lactation consultant. I had increased to 10ml production (each pumping session) yesterday but today I am down to only 1-2 ml at each session. I am pumping more frequently today to help make up for the loss, yet still no luck.

    What could be affecting my supply? What can I do differently?

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby! I'm sorry she had to come so very early.

    When a mom needs to increase milk supply, she should pump as often as possible, for a good long time (15-20 minutes, or at least 5 minutes after she sees the last drops coming out), using the best possible pump (hospital-grade rental is ideal, good double electric is second-best) and correctly sized shields. She should also be getting up in the night to pump- not every hour because sleep is important, too, and a mom needs to take care not to overstretch her resources! But pumping 1-3 times a night is definitely a good idea.

    I strongly suggest seeing a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC, for hands-on help with pumping.

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    The hospital should provide lactation support for NICU moms. I had those people on speed dial and found one that i really liked and would request. So definitely use that resource and the hospital grade pump is the only way! Even though I didn't get a lot of milk out from massage, I do feel that it helped my breasts to really kick it in to gear. I also had a 26 weeker who was 1lb 2ozs at birth. She is now 9 lbs and 5 months old. Miracles are possible Just believe! ALL THE BEST!

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