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Thread: how do i increase my evening supply??

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    Question how do i increase my evening supply??

    In the morning, I feel engorged and my daughter feeds about every 3hrs. She does a good job draining them, but then by late afternoon/evening they feel empty. She feeds more frequently and for a shorter period at a time. She gets very fussy in the evening and I think it's because I have less milk for her. I've considered just giving her a bottle of pumped milk and pumping instead of feeding, but I feel like that will hurt my supply even more. How can I increase my supply in the evenings??
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    Cluster feeding! What you describe is really common, and is one reason many young babies spend all.evening.long at the breast. Don't pump. Just nurse, nurse, nurse. Also, keep in mind there are many reasons for baby to be fussy, and many babies are fussy in the evening. Nursing is tool number one for soothing baby, but if it's not doing the trick, babies also love motion (rocking, bouncing on an exercise ball, a bouncy chair, walking around with baby in a carrier, a car ride if you're desperate). Keep in mind overstimulation and try a quiet, dim room, perhaps with some soothing music in the background. But at the end of the day many babies are just fussy in the evening. It won't go on forever.

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    x 1000! The best thing you can do is to nurse, nurse, nurse, and then nurse some more, and remember that evening fussiness is common. I don't know if all babies are fussy in the evenings, but it's probably most of them. My kids were both terrible evening fussers, and at least with the second it had nothing to do with supply, because with her I always had too much!

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