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Thread: Frozen Milk tastes and smells sour

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    I have been pumping and freezing milk for the past 5 months to prepare for my return to work. My LO just started daycare this week and we started dipping into the frozen stash. When using bottles of fresh milk, she has no issues. However I noticed that she wasn't taking the frozen milk bottles well at all. Fighting and maybe getting in an ounce. She did finally take one at the end of the day, but basically because she was so hungry. When preparing her bottles tonight, I happened to smell the milk and it smelled off. So, I tasted it ... and it tasted sour. Not soapy, but sour.
    Have I lost my entire milk store if she refuses to drink it? Is it safe to even try to get her to drink it? Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening going forward?
    Thanks so much!

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    One thing you might do is try different batches of milk - hopefully whatever it is has affected only part of your frozen milk, not all of it.

    Here's some info from kelly mom about sour/rancid milk vs lipase and suggestions for dealing with these issues:

    Generally baby will not drink milk that has truly gone bad. In the case of lipase, it's not bad for baby, but baby may or may not refuse.

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    Well, I've read that some women have too much lipase in their milk and it causes the milk to taste sour, but it doesn't mean it is spoiled. Try thawing the frozen milk either in the fridge or in a cup of warm water, swirl and the milk will be fine. If you smelled it after it was thawed and it still smelled sour, then it may be spoiled at that point.

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