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Thread: 24mo has not nursed in 4 days, but I still have milk!

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    Default 24mo has not nursed in 4 days, but I still have milk!

    My 24mo has not nursed in almost 4 consecutive days, and, though I do not feel engorged or uncomfortable, but I can tell that I still have milk because (a) my right breast seems to be slightly "fuller" than my left, and (b) Last night, I was just curious if there was any milk in there still so I tried squeezing both sides a little bit and there was milk that oozed out of both sides.

    Just wondering if this is normal, if any of you have experienced it before, and if so, how long does this usually last after the last nursing session? Will the milk eventually "dry up" after a few more days, or is it bad for the breast (risk of infection?) whatever is still left in the breasts to remain in there? Prior to the last time I nursed, I had gone down to nursing once a day or once every other day for at least several days. I thought that by the 2nd or 3rd day after not nursing, I wouldn't have milk anymore, but apparently this has not been the case. I am fine with nursing once or a few more times if that is what it takes to get the remaining milk out of the breasts, but I also don't want for it to increase my supply (or keep it up) either. Any suggestions or input? Thank you!

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    Default Re: 24mo has not nursed in 4 days, but I still have milk!

    Believe it or not some mothers still lactate years after their last child weans. yes years! So this sounds entirely normal. How to approach it is up to you, you know your body best. if you are concerned that your breasts are getting overfull I don't see any harm in gently hand expressing or pumping just a little bit to relieve any breast fullness. This would help you avoid any plugs that might possibly lead to mastitis. However whether you do this or not your milk production should slowly go away. It just will take A little longer than just a few days.

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    Default Re: 24mo has not nursed in 4 days, but I still have milk!

    Each of our body is different and sometimes, depending on hormone and estrogen levels, these can also be the reason for prolonged breast milk after nursing. Talk to your doctor if you're still unsure to ease your worries.

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