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Thread: Any advice for reestablishing supply after supplementing

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    Default Any advice for reestablishing supply after supplementing

    Everything was going great in the hospital, then on my last day the start of every session was extremely painful, baby started spitting out nipple and screaming starting again, spitting nipple out etc. (my milk was in then, so now I think I was anticipating pain and preventing let down.) nurses said my latch was fine, I had (blood blisters?) on the tips of my nipples, nurse said she's seen worse and gave me cream. (It was Sunday after a blizzard so no lactation consultant) I went home and baby always fell asleep while nursing, and nursed every hr now (in hospital she was usually every 3) the same day my husband came down with the flu. So I cracked and broke out the formula to let my nipples heal, planning on BF full time when they healed. She put back on her weight with 1 bottle a day so I thought win win.

    Then at 2 weeks she caught RSV and we spent 3 days in the hospital, on oxygen etc I couldn't figure out how to nurse her with everything sticking out of her so did all formula feedings. 1/2 through day 2 I got a pump and was shocked to see I was barely pumping anything! (She started drinking 3-4 oz in hospital and I barely pumped 1)

    Baby is 5 weeks old now, between 11-12lbs and I'm having difficulty reestablishing BFing. She loves to nurse, but often falls asleep during (I tickle her chin, swap breasts etc). She drinks 4oz of formula every 3hrs, if I nurse first she'll take 2-4 oz afterwards (which is weird because I pump less then an oz)

    Should I be offering less formula so that she's hungry sooner and nursing more? (Pumping I between feedings doesn't always work out) and she's gone from a dirty diaper every feeding to 1 or 2 big dirty diapers a day, so I do t know how to count diapers now. Also she constantly falling asleep while nursing, if she's not doing the "suck suck swallow" is it still helping build my supply?
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    Default Re: Any advice for reestablishing supply after supplementing

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    This link gives excellent guidance on weaning from formula supplements: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/basi...rease-formula/

    Basically, you want to gradually decrease the size of those supplemental bottles while increasing the amount you are nursing and pumping. That increase in stimulation will result in better supply, and eventually allow you to fully drop the formula.

    It's terrific that your baby is an enthusiastic nurser, but less good that she is a sleepy one. A lot of babies who get their nutritional needs met primarily by formula become lazy at the breast; why bother to nurse efficiently if the bottle meets most of your needs? So this would be a good time to start decreasing the size of the bottles you are offering. Instead of giving her 4 oz of formula at a time, how about nursing her, giving her 2 oz of formula or pumped milk, then putting her back on the breast, and finally giving her another 1-2 oz if she still seems hungry? That way she's nursing several times instead of just once, and a lot of that time she's still pretty hungry, which hopefully will provide more incentive for enthusiastic nursing. But even if she's nursing gently (i.e. "just" comfort sucking), it's good for supply.

    It's not at all weird that your baby seems to get more milk out of the breast than the pump does. Babies tend to be much better at draining the breast than even the best pump.

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