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Thread: Fussy baby after BF, also generally

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    Hello All,

    I'm brand new to LLL, but have been dealing with a fussy baby since day 1. my Little started out not eating at all, she would scream every time I put her on the breast, so she was fed exclusively expressed breast milk by bottle for the first month. Slowly she took to BF and has gotten to be quite efficient. She is now 10 weeks old and feeds for 5 min (tops) and is done. The problem is she proceeds to cry EVERY TIME after. Not terrible crying, but clearly upset, shes easy to calm down, just holding her over my shoulder and shushing does the trick. shes not hungry and I know shes getting enough because she has lot of wet diapers (maybe 6-8 a day). Also she hasn't had a spit up after the first month.

    What's with the crying? She is generally fussy anyway, especially at night, but is a great sleeper. She seems to have normal gas, she almost always burps or passes gas easily. My pediatrician will not call it an allergy because she has normal poop, but I'm wondering if it could be a dairy allergy?

    The only thing that makes this kid happy is to be up on my or my husbands shoulder. She is also not a fan of wraps/slings/carriers.

    Any advice?

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    Welcome and congratulations on the new baby! It's awesome that you managed to transition from exclusive pumping to exclusive nursing. That's an insurmountable hurdle for a lot of moms.

    If your baby never feeds for >5 minutes, I have to wonder if you have oversupply and forceful letdowns. Symptoms would include some or all of the following:
    - frequent feelings of fullness/engorgement
    - ability to pump a lot of milk very quickly, if you are pumping
    - lots of leaking
    - strong letdown sensation
    - baby sometimes pulling off the breast and crying, screaming, or fussing
    - if the baby pulls off the breast during a letdown, you might see milk squirting or streaming from the breast
    - baby coughing, gagging, spluttering, wheezing, or making a click or cluck noise while nursing
    - baby "slipping up" or "clamping down" on the nipple

    If you suspect that forceful letdowns could be the problem, the first thing to try is reclined nursing positions, since they enlist gravity to slow the milk flow to the baby. You could also try offering a pacifier or clean pinky for baby to suck; when baby eats very fast she may fill her tummy long before her need to suck.

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    Default Re: Fussy baby after BF, also generally

    Maybe reflux?

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    Default Re: Fussy baby after BF, also generally

    with Mommal. Quick feeds and a fussy baby has meant oversupply or fast let down for me.

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