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Thread: sudden drop in supply?

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    Default sudden drop in supply?

    Does anyone ever pump markedly less than usual? I do one pumping session a day after feeding my four month old in the morning. I almost always get 4oz but yesterday got 3 and today 2.5.....kind of freaking out. I have PCOS and have always worried about supply as a result but never had a problem. Could it come up at 4 months??

    -No sign of my period
    -baby does not seem to be nursing more lately...actually LESS because she is so distracted she keeps pulling off the breast, but not seeming frustrated about it...more wanting to play.
    -Lately when I offer the breast she seems uninterested and reaches for something to play with.
    - That all being said, she does not seem cranky or frustrated so it doesn't seem like she's going hungry?
    -Normal amount of wet diapers, I think. Yesterday she only had one dirty diaper, but today she's already had three, which is her normal.

    Help. Worrying.

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    Default Re: sudden drop in supply?

    so is your only indication of lower production the lower pump output? Lower pump output could simply be an issue with the pump. Also it is entirely normal for milk production to appear to be less and even to be less (depending on how much you were producing before) after about three months of age. Pump output also tends to go down around this time.
    Anything you pump if you are exclusively breast-feeding is extra milk. So if you're able to pump anything and your baby is gaining normally exclusively breast-feeding, you have enough milk in fact you have extra milk!
    Also I've been hearing some interesting things regarding PC OS and milk production. Basically what I have been hearing is that mothers with PCOS do not appear to have a higher rate of low milk production issues than mothers without PCOS. But I am not sure if this is evidence-based or anecdotal.
    I would suggest the article on low milk production on the website wWW.Kellymom.com that article has a good opening section on how to tell if your milk production is actually low and good suggestions for increasing milk production when needed.
    It never hurts to offer to nurse more frequently.
    Remember that poop output may well become much less frequent at this age and be entirely normal. Some breast-fed babies will go several days between poops. Also after three months weight gain rate typically slows down.

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    Default Re: sudden drop in supply?

    What LLLMeg said. Anything you pump after nursing is extra milk!

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    Default Re: sudden drop in supply?

    OMG this post looks like it could have been written by me! My baby is also months old and is exhibiting the same behavior you describe - not appearing hungry, very distracted at the breast, rather have fun than eat. My pumping supply is also less than it was. I usually have the most milk at the end of the week pumping (like Friday) whereas the beginning of the week it's like I can pump 20 minutes before meeting my quota. Some days out of the blue I just have like 2-3 ounces less than usual, for no apparent reason. 4 oz. after a feeding sounds like a lot to me. That's the only difference here - I pump only during the day when I'm at work (2 pumping sessions). I decided that although baby is nursing less, he is getting more in that time period than he got a month ago, say. This not wanting to eat thing began last week so since then I decided to only feed every 4 hours (unless of course he wants earlier, but it never happened yet) by day, and the usual by night (whenever he wakes up, which is like every 3 hours) and it works GREAT! My mom gave me that idea. Now when he nurses, he has an appetite that overrides the need to play so he eats consistently for a good 15-25 minutes. Like power-eating. Instead of suck-dream-pullaway-suck-pullaway-suck-pullaway patterns!

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