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Thread: Baby in Hospital Reluctant Sucker!

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    Default Baby in Hospital Reluctant Sucker!

    Hi all

    The other half is currently in hospital with out first baby son which was born of Sunday 2nd Feb 2014 at 8lb 8oz (we are in the UK)

    While initially he seemed to be latching and getting some breast milk he had signs of an infection and was always sleeping therefore they had to keep him in the hospital while the infection was sorted with antibiotics. He also lost nearly 11% of birth weight.

    So me and partner expressed breast milk and fed him via cup or syringe with colostrum and also topped that up with formula also fed by small cup to get his weight up and get him healthy (so worried)

    The weight started to go the right way when he was next weighed. So we then with the advice of the hospital midwives went back to beast fed exclusively and while he is latching on with no issues and initially sucking for about 4 or 5 sucks he seems to very quickly fall asleep

    I have noticed his nappies being sporadic - sometimes with a good amout of stool and other times longer periods of dryer nappies

    He is very contented and sleepy - he is still on the antibiotics at the moment and that maybe having some effect I suppose. The hospital has just weighed him again and now lost weight slightly again - at this rate he will never get out of hospital so for tonight we are planning to express and feed by small cup again to make sure hes getting the right quantity in him

    Any advice or recommendations with regards to this??
    I really want too get his weight up to get out of hospital really its almost a week now

    We dont yet want to give up on breast milk yet - if only he did the work to suck - the milk is plentiful due to the expressing we had to do

    Its so annoying as my partner has got breastfeeding itself sussed he just wont draw enough or for long enough

    Any advice??


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    Default Re: Baby in Hospital Reluctant Sucker!

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    It sounds like your baby is very sleepy baby, and sleepy babies often don't gain weight well unless they are proactively woken up. Here are some tips on waking a dozy newborn:
    - Keep the light dim. Newborn babies often close their eyes in response to bright light.
    - Keep the baby cool; a cool baby is a more alert baby. When it's time to nurse, strip him down to a single light layer. And keep a fan blowing in the room- just not directly on the baby.
    - Annoy him. Tickle the soles of his feet or rub against the grain of his hair using your hand or a cool damp washcloth.
    - Do breast compressions to speed the milk to him.http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...tion&Itemid=17
    - Try switch nursing. When the baby seems to be dozing off, remove him from the breast, burp him or change his diaper, and put him on the other side. If he dozes off on the second breast, repeat the process, switching him back to the first breast. Repeat the process until the baby will no longer wake.

    If you need to supplement, don't be afraid to do so, especially if they are being given in a breastfeeding-supportive way. It doesn't have to mean the end of breastfeeding. My suspicion is that you just need to get over this bump- baby has to start gaining weight and wake up a little and then everything will be fine.

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    Default Re: Baby in Hospital Reluctant Sucker!

    It sounds like you guys are doing fine under the circumstances. While the initial weight loss was more than average it certainly is not an unheard of amount. And typically babies don't truly start to gain until milk becomes more abundant which can be any time from day three to day six normally. So with so many weight checks in just the first few days I'm not surprised that it showed some ups and downs.
    How is your partner expressing milk? Hand expressing or pump, or both? Is there any lactation consultant available someone who can help make sure baby is latching and nursing effectively when baby does nurse?
    I agree with mommal that sometimes supplementing is necessary to help baby get the energy baby needs to nurse more effectively. If this can be with mother's own expressed milk that is best but formula is okay again I agree with mommal as long as you continue to feed baby any supplements in a breast-feeding supportive way that this can be very helpful when needed.
    Also you don't mention how often baby nurses. One can expect a newborn infant to nurse about 10 to 15 times a day. Some a little more often some a little less but it should be in that area. While of course it is important that baby is reasonably efficient at each nursing session, the frequency of nursing is probably even more vital for making sure baby is getting enough to eat and milk production is being stimulated properly. Sleepiness in the first week or two is very common particularly if they were any birth interventions and medications. So it is true that it is pretty common that baby needs to be woken in this period to nurse. I would add to Mommals list trying breast compressions to see if that helps baby stay interested at the breast for a little bit longer. To find a good description of breast compressions Do an Internet search for Jack Newman breast-feeding and find his website he's a Canadian pediatrician.
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