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Thread: reflux?

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    Default reflux?

    So my DD is 8 days old and from day one we have had an issue with shallow latch, but I am going to try to correct that with laid back breastfeeding starting today thanks to a wonderful article I read on here. BUT aside from the latch I think baby may have a little reflux. She coughs and chokes on the breast sometimes and I am assuming that I just have a fast letdown and baby will grow into it, but after she feeds if I lay her flat she spits up a little and chokes. Also when she is sleeping she makes a face like she is in pain and then swallows and that is whether she is laying flat or propped up. Anything I can try besides getting medication from her doctor?

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    Try not to lie her down flat. Either keep her upright in a sling or swing, or put a pillow under the head of her crib mattress. Really working on a burp after nursing might also help. And keep in mind that she is VERY young- a lot can change in a short time!

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