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Thread: Best Way to Pump (to build stockpile) and Breastfeed?

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    Default Best Way to Pump (to build stockpile) and Breastfeed?

    I'm trying to pump up a good stockpile of milk before I go back to work in mid-March. My daughter is 1 month old and I exclusively breastfeed. What's the best way to keep building my stock but still feed her? I've been trying to find time in the mornings after she eats, but it doesn't always work out!

    Also, I want to be able to use some of my stock so I can run on quick errands and leave her with family, etc.

    Thank y'all

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    Default Re: Best Way to Pump (to build stockpile) and Breastfeed?

    The best way to build a stockpile is to pick a time of day and pump consistently at that time of day for a good long time. Pumping right after the first morning feeding is how a lot of moms do it. If that doesn't yield enough milk, start pumping after a second feeding and do that consistently, etc.

    I know you probably want to get out of the house right now, but it's still early to introduce a bottle. Most guidelines recommend waiting 4-6 weeks, and your baby is just 4 weeks old. For now, I'd take baby with you when you need to do an errand. Bundle her up in a sling and go.

    If you need tips on nursing in public, let us know!

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    Default Re: Best Way to Pump (to build stockpile) and Breastfeed?

    @challisgurl Are you serious? There should be a law against long separations of a nursing mom and her baby. This is ridiculous. Do you have a good double-electric pump?

    @mrsbnjcwilson, you still have over a month to go. Keep in mind that you need between 1 and 1.5 oz per hour apart. So if you are apart for ten hours the first day, you need 15 oz to cover that day, then you pump each day to cover the next. Also, a lot of times moms start out with not too much pump output - like 0.5 oz - but then if they keep pumping their supply picks up. I guess what I'm saying is, be cautious with ramping up too quickly on the pumping, because you can also get into oversupply problems that way. Most moms are able to build up what they need with the once a day pumping; if you are getting close to your back-to-work day and don't have enough, then add in a second pumping session at that time. I also found the morning to be a good time to do my stockpile pumping, but sometimes I just didn't have the time in the morning, and I did it later in the day.

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    Default Re: Best Way to Pump (to build stockpile) and Breastfeed?

    Thank you guys so much I'll try to keep doing a morning pumping session after I feed her (sometimes I've been doing it before she wakes, though, if I'm feeling especially full. That seems to work fine...I hadn't considered oversupply issues.) The 1-1.5 oz for every hour apart is a great goal to keep in mind. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Best Way to Pump (to build stockpile) and Breastfeed?

    You can also try pumping on one side while baby nurses off of the other side. Awkward but it works! When I first started pumping, this was the only thing that worked for me, in terms of logistics, let-down, and quantity. I would do it first thing in the morning when I was relatively engorged and there was a lot of "extra" milk.

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