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Thread: weaning help/ bottle refusal

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    hi everyone! This is my first time posting. Any help would be majorly appreciated!!

    I have been breastfeeding twins since they were born. They are now 13 months. I have been working on weening them slowly and gradually since 11.5 months. We started mixing cows and breast milk in one bottle feeding a day and slowly been working up to now they been taking 2 bottles of cows milk a day which is their daytime feedings. I breastfeed them in the morning and in the eves only. Seems like everything was going super smooth.......until this past week. They both all of the sudden decided to strike the bottle. They wont take it. And its both of them which is weird cause they are fraternal and dont always have the same needs or likes and arent always on the same schedule. I try to give them the milk in a bottle and they swat it away and then will continue to cry. NOthing soothes them except if i break down and breast feed them. They have been taking bottles since they were 3 weeks old with no problem- we would put expressed BM in them. They were taking cows milk just fine too for over a month so i am clueless as to what changed this. I think when this all started with my son about a week ago, i thought maybe he wasnt feeling good so i nursed him out of wanting him to feel better. I am not sure if that is what started this whole thing. Anyhow, I am now going backwards, instead of dropping or replacing breastfeeds, i am adding them which is no good since i really need to ween them. I have tried to put the milk in a sippy and they throw it. Any help or thoughts on this would be great. I have to go to work on monday and i am not sure what will happen!!

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    Congrats on 13 months of breastfeeding twins! That's wonderful!

    I'm a little confused - have you already been working, or are you just now going back to work on Monday, and that's why you are transitioning them off of breast milk? If it's the latter, you might find that they are much more willing to take milk out of a bottle from someone other than you - who wants to drink out of a bottle when the breast is available? The other suggestion is to try other feeding methods - a sippy cup or a straw cup.

    If you are just going back to work on Monday, if you are still nursing them quite a bit, be prepared to express milk for comfort - either hand expression or a manual or electric pump.

    Also, keep in mind that nursing does not need to be an all or none proposition, especially for toddlers. There are plenty of working moms (myself included) who stop pumping at work at around a year, and continue to nurse evenings/nights/mornings. That way, you could continue nursing babies morning and evening as you are, and which they seem eager to continue doing, and work during the day without having to pump. They can either drink the cow's milk or water during the day while you are work.

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