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    My LO is 4 weeks old. I felt like we were not giving much assistance in the hospital after delivery to establish breastfeeding. I gave up and started pumping when we got home. When we went back to have our assessment, they told me my nipples were flat so they gave me a nipple shield which made it so much better, but I couldn't hang in there with the hour long feedings. My DS sleeps on the breast and when I try to wake him its like he just suckles and the milk pools in his mouth and he pulls off and spills it everywhere. I've tried nursing him with just a diaper, cold washcloth and tickling and nudging. It's an ugly vicious cycle. He doesn't get enough milk resulting in just crying to feed again constantly. Then he overeats it seems and spits up everything he ate. I'm tired and can't take care of myself since my husband went back to work. I don't get to eat or drink any water and barely have time to use the restroom cause he is constantly fussy. I want to be able to breastfeed him, but giving him a pumped bottle is so much easier, but feels like the easy way out. He has gained back his birth weight and seems to be having enough dirty diapers.

    Like i said, it feels like we have not been given enough guidance on what to do with breast feeding. I feel like I am blindly going about this and I am so frustrated and getting to my wits end. I have no idea what I am doing here.

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    Hello, welcome and congrats on your baby although I know you're having a hard time right now. I'm sure you will get some good advice here from the other members as far as the actual breastfeeding and flat nipple thing goes, but I just wanted to say that I was in the same place with my son a year ago... My husband went back to work 3days after I gave birth, and I was so hungry and exhausted. Just trying to keep myself clean was a huge effort. The two things that helped me were: I learned how to wear the baby in a sling (which allowed me to eat and use the bathroom), and I learned to ask for help. I don't have family nearby, so I called a couple of friends that wanted to see the baby anyway and had them rock him while I made food, took a shower, et c. I cannot recommend babywearing enough. Now I vacuum, mop and cook with him in an ergo backpack and he loves it.
    The other thing that really helped was getting out of the house... I found a new-mother support group an hour away, and that helped me not feel so alone.
    Good luck and know that things will get easier!

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    Baby is nursing and gaining weight! Kudos mama. That's a great start. It really seems like your biggest problem is lack of support. The pp had good advice. If there is anyone for you to ask to help, do so now. Have your husband set up a nursing station or two on the couch oor in bed before leaving for work. Several bottles of water, some easy snacks, a book, the laptop, extra burp cloths etc. Get your basics needs met. You are healing from child birth and need that extra care no matter how baby is fed. Then nurse, nurse, and nurse some more. To be clear are you in any pain while nursing? Baby should be able to nurse all day without causing you pain.
    Hang in there, mama. This stage will pass and it'll all be worth it.
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    I'd love to have you see a professional for some hands-on help with positioning and shield use. You might be able to find an IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant) in the phone book, or via your local La Leche League.

    Will your baby latch without the shield?

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    Agree with mammal -- I struggled with a sleepy baby this time around as well (as well as flat nipples) and individual consultations with a lactation consultant helped me tremendously! It was even covered by insurance so you may want to look into that if you can. She made sure baby was gaining weight, provided support and hands on, personalized on suggestions. I was even able to get off the nipple shield after 2 visits which makes breastfeeding so much more convenient. I will say the sleepiness at breast probably subsided after 4 weeks or so so hang in there if you can! I exclusively pumped my first time around and it makes for a much more tiring and less enjoyable maternity leave in my opinion!

    Another idea to help soothe a fussy baby is if you have a loud fan in a bathroom or another room in the house, rest baby in the bouncer and turn on the fan. The 'white noise' may help to soothe your baby- it worked for both of mine when they seem inconsolable and I needed a few minutes to make a sandwich or get a drink.

    Hope this helps!

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