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Thread: Night waking and nursing

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*petersmommyjessi View Post
    Thank you for this! It does help a LOT. You're right, a change in perspective is probably the most effective and least stressful way to handle this. Anytime I try to change my son's sleeping habits, I do end up frustrated and resentful, which isn't good for our relationship. Comparing is a nasty beast. I love my son, and love talking about him, But it can be a dangerous road to walk down once you go from discussing your kids to comparing. I don't know why I get so frustrated with my son at night, I'm a very easy going person. I think it would help me a great deal to work through my feelings about his sleeping and just accept him as he is (and also stop thinking that I'm failing him in some way).
    I understand completely Being a parent is inherently stressful. After all, you are responsible for a little person. Don't beat yourself up too much (I say this as I remind myself of the same being my own worst critic). Each days starts new and your child loves you. Go give him a big hug and kiss when you see him. And next time he wakes up take a minute to be thankful he is there, looking for comfort from his momma.
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    Thank you everyone for your support! It means a lot to me. Posting on here always helps me put things back in perspective and gives me renewed strength to continue with what we're doing. I'm sure the day will eventually come when I can sleep again but in the meantime I'll just enjoy the snuggles (and head butts, and kicks, etc).
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