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Thread: Will exercise affect production?

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    Default Will exercise affect production?

    DS is 6 months old and I am ready to start exercising again and am hoping to lose the last 30 of the 60 I gained during pregnancy. I do not plan to do anything crazy, just add 30 minutes of walking, jogging, or strength training per day, and cut down on excess sugar. Does anyone have experience with a change in supply with such a lifestyle change?

    Also, I will need to start wearing a workout bra and am nervous about the tightness of them. It will be important for comfort but I have already had 2 bouts of mastitis and do not wish to welcome another. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Will exercise affect production?

    Moderate exercise like you describe should not have any impact on production, though you want to stay alert for any changes. The bra is more likely to cause a problem. I'm a big advocate of nursing moms avoiding compression style bras and going for something that supports from the band and the shoulders. It should fit well, so having a professional measure you is a good idea if you've changed sizes or aren't quite sure what size you are.

    Title Nine has excellent sports bras. The ones that are three barbell rated are great for chesty moms.

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    Default Re: Will exercise affect production?

    Stay well hydrated, don't combine an increase in exercise with a huge decrease in calories, and everything should be fine. You don't want to loose weight TOO fast. I started running again as soon as I was cleared by my midwife to do so, I think it was around 5-6 weeks postpartum, slow and steady.

    The type of bra mommal is talking about is called an encapsulation bra and will be evident by the distinctly separate areas for both breasts, rather than the uni-boob. You can also find combo compression/encapsulation bras, which is what I prefer. Make sure the bra is rated for high impact, since you will be running.

    Some other moms on here have stated that they nurse/pump immediately after exercise, in case anything got plugged up from the bra. I have never personally had any issues.
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    Default Re: Will exercise affect production?

    What they said.

    I use Natori exercise bras, and I find them rather comfortable. No good for nursing, as they are all encompassing, but they don't compress me (much) and the girls hardly move when I jog! Course, I have a rather girly jog... or so my husband informs me.
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