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Thread: Defrosted milk smells like plastic and tastes bad!

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    Default Defrosted milk smells like plastic and tastes bad!

    I've been pumping for my preemie since he was born and have accumulated a large freezer stash. I decided to try giving him some of the frozen milk, because it's nearing it's expiration date. I had stored the milk in the Lansinoh bags. It was in the freezer attached to my fridge for maybe 2 months. Then I bought a deep freeze and transferred it over. The milk I thawed yesterday was from November 9th. After thawing I noticed it had a strong plastic smell. I tasted the milk and it tasted bad. I really don't want to give it to my baby. It really sucks though, because I worked hard for that milk and I have about a month and a half's worth in the freezer. Looks like maybe I'll have to throw it all out. I'm certainly not going to give it to him while I'm still pumping fresh milk.

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    Default Re: Defrosted milk smells like plastic and tastes bad!

    So sorry, mama! It's really hard to lose any quantity of expressed milk- the work it represents isn't something you just want to pour down the drain.

    What you describe sounds like it could be a lipase issue- see http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/m...expressedmilk/. If so, and you're still storing milk today, you may want to scald before storing. Scalding deactivates the lipase enzyme and allows you to store the milk without fear.

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