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    My 7 1/2 month old baby has two teeth and has started biting. He will chomp down and rake his teeth down my nipple, pull off then relatch. He also enjoys pinching and twisting the skin on my breast while he nurses. If I react he giggles and grins. If I pull him of and set him down it is apparently HILARIOUS.

    I know some people suggest pulling baby towards the breast. This doesn't work for my little guy. And I know some people say that it signals they're "done". My son is never done nursing. He just takes breaks, lol.

    What has worked for some of you?

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    I don't know if this will help any.. But my son is 8 months and does the same thing with the twisting of my skin.. ( not so much the biting though). He will pull my hair, grab my breasts and scratch. But it is funny and more of a game then him telling me he is done. It's a bonding thing I believe with mine.. In an effort to control it however, I give him a small security plush animal blanket and he will hold that and play with it...

    The only thing that has helped me keep him from doing it is to give him other things to pull at while nursing..

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    my 9 mo DS has decided that chomping down with his 7 teeth on mommy's nipple is great fun. I have had to relatch him several times. He laughs, but sometimes he gets pouty too. I have to be diligent to watch and learn his cues when its about to happen.

    good luck!
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