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Thread: BF 5mo nurses but won't stay asleep til 1/2am :(

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    Default BF 5mo nurses but won't stay asleep til 1/2am :(

    My LO is solely breastfed. She does great sleeping through the night... but NOT Getting There. She fights sleep. Night time routine includes: bath w/nighttime "relaxing" soap, 2 books, and soft music as I rock and nurse her during the night time feeding. She does good with the bath, and enjoys the books. None of it hypes her up. She is relaxed with this routine.

    HELP Please. I am exhausted. EXHAUSTED. It is only my husband and I. Our LO is our first. My husband works 12-15hr shifts at a hospital so he can't help me

    I nurse her after reading her books.... Usually she is slightly awake, so I take her off the booby to rock her to sleep after every feeding to help her understand she can't have the booby to sleep. Normally I lay her down when she is limp, but now she wakes up crying. Then I rock her to sleep for about an hour or two (as she cries and whimpers to sleep - protesting). She wakes up crying again EVERY hour after I lay her down... I feed her again and lay her down. She ends up being out COLD on the booby with these feedings, and this happens about 3-4 times every night til about 1 or 2 in the morning. Theeeeeeen she sleeps for 9-11 hours.

    She takes two naps every day. One around 11am (1.5hr nap) and the other around 3pm (45 min nap).

    She can't keep a pacifier in to save her life. I'm sure this is due to being solely BF

    Suggestions? I don't really want to do the Cry It Out (CIO) method.

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    Default Re: BF 5mo nurses but won't stay asleep til 1/2am :(

    I would suggest nurse her to sleep. This is the normal way babies are designed to comfort themselves or rather, be comforted to sleep and usually works quite well.
    If baby continues not being able to sleep even if you allow her to nurse to sleep I would suggest, assuming you're open to bed sharing for at least part of the night, lying down beside her in bed for longer until she is more asleep before staging a "sneak away", or if you prefer simply sleeping beside her. If you are looking for information on safer bed sharing let us know.
    Another option would be to make "bedtime"not so much bedtime as "I'm going to sit on the couch and watch TV now and my baby can nurse and sleep while snuggled on top of me time." Personally I never had a set bedtime (for baby) this young with any of my kids.
    If you would like to try a Book about infant sleep that does not resort to sleep training a.k.a. cry it out, there is the book the no cry sleep solution by Elizabeth Pantley
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    Default Re: BF 5mo nurses but won't stay asleep til 1/2am :(

    Maybe bedtime is too early, or maybe the 3pm nap is too late. Try pushing bedtime back (you don't mention what time bedtime is) or pushing naptime earlier so she is tired when you try to put her to bed. If it is taking 1-2 HOURS to rock her to sleep, that suggests to me she isn't tired.

    I also agree with Meg that there is no reason not to nurse her to sleep, especially if it works!! Nursing to sleep isn't any more of a sleep crutch than being rocked to sleep, if that's what you're worried about, and it's entirely normal that she isn't able to be put down awake and put herself to sleep at this age. What I do with my son is nurse until he is fully asleep, wait about 10 minutes after I'm able to unlatch him, then put him in his crib once he's in a deeper sleep stage.

    Finally, if she's sleeping 9-11 hours straight, I'm not sure why you are so tired?? Do you have to get up early in the mornings to go to work? Do you have other kids who get up early who you have to get up with? Otherwise I would just sleep in for as long as she's sleeping and you should be able to get plenty of sleep that way.
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    Default Re: BF 5mo nurses but won't stay asleep til 1/2am :(

    with LLLMeg. Nurse her to sleep. It's normal, it's easy, and no matter what the naysayers claim, it doesn't make a child clingy, unable to sleep alone, or turn her into an axe murderer. The sneak away method also works. Co-sleeping also works for a lot of people. That's what I did with my kids.

    My first kid was pretty easy to get to bed. Nurse her to sleep, and then she'd be down for a few hours. My second daughter, on the other hand, was like a broken toaster. I'd nurse her down and she'd pop right back up! It was very frustrating. I'd nurse her, she'd seem like she was asleep, I'd go downstairs for my first "me time" of the day, and then she'd start crying again! Sometimes it took several hours to get her to go down for a longer stretch of sleep, at least in her first 6 months of life or so. So what you're experiencing... Maybe it's just your baby's personality?

    FTR, a lot of babies can't or won't keep a pacifier in all night long, no matter how they are fed. A lot of bottle-feeding moms are up all night, replacing the pacifiers in their babies' mouths again, and again, and again....

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