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Thread: Help Picking a Pump!

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    Default Help Picking a Pump!

    My insurance pays for the following pumps:
    Hygeia Enjoye
    Philps Avent Comfort
    Lansinoh Affinity Pro
    Nuk Expressive

    Any feedback? This is my first baby!

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    Default Re: Help Picking a Pump!

    Huh. The only pump on that list I have even heard of is the hygeia.
    The first question when choosing a pump is what are you going to use it for? If you are using it for daily pumping two or three times a day for example, after returning to work, the first thing you want to do is make sure that all of these pumps are double-sided electric pumps. If you need a pump for some other reason you may need a different kind of pump.
    The hygeia is (I think) the only personal use pump that is multiuser, which means you can send it back to the manufacturer to be refurbished instead of tossing it in a landfill when you are done with it. Also hygeia is WHO marketing code compliant.
    As far as how they work this is often very individual . I would suggest comparing features and also seeing how responsive customer service is for each manufacturer, return/replacement policies, and look into costs of replacement parts including flanges as sometimes a different size is needed.

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    Default Re: Help Picking a Pump!

    Philips Avent Double Electric works fine but I suggest you try to do a research about these brands and compare. Compare the features, the price, as well as the testimonials or feedback from others who have already used them.

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    Default Re: Help Picking a Pump!

    Hi I don't know if you have chosen, but I have Phillips Avent Single electric. It's fine.

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