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Thread: Holding breastshield while punping

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    Default Holding breastshield while punping

    Every time I pump I have to physically hold the shield while pumping.
    Sometimes the pumping session is as long as 45min and it is really annoying.
    Is that normal? Is this how you are suppose to pump?
    I am using the Medela swing pump.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Holding breastshield while punping

    You need one of these http://www.target.com/p/simple-wishe...r/-/A-12543185

    Although I am contemplating trying to cut holes in an old bra when I start pumping so I don't have to spend the $40...

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    Default Re: Holding breastshield while punping

    The shield might not be properly sized. Too-large shields can result in a loss of suction and can reduce stimulation, making pumping take longer.

    The Swing is a lighter, single electric pump designed for occasional use. It's the pump a stay-at-home mom would use if she wanted to produce the occasional bottle for a sitter. Is that what you're using it for? If not- for example, if you're going back to work and will be pumping regularly- you probably need to upgrade to a double electric.

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    Default Re: Holding breastshield while punping

    Thanks for replying back.
    Yes, I am back to work and I am using it to to pump twice a day for the nanny.
    The shield is not too large. It fits perfectly but if I let go of it, it falls from the weight of the filled bottle.
    I guess I need to get one of those special bras to hold it in place.

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    Default Re: Holding breastshield while punping

    45 minutes is a long time to pump. Are you sure pump is working correctly? Personally I always had to hold the flange when pumping with my single side pump, I used a single side pump as I only pumped rarely. I agree with looking into getting a pump that is more appropriate for regular daily use. Also getting or making pumping bra helpful for frequent pump sessions.
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