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Thread: 6 month old refusing the bottle after vaccinations

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    Default 6 month old refusing the bottle after vaccinations

    My little boy turned 6 months old on Tuesday and had his vaccines the same day. He had 4 shots in total, and the intensity of the pain caused him to have what is called a "breath holding spell". In short, he passed out. He came back very quickly but was very fussy for 48 hours after that.

    The challenge I am facing is that he is now completely refusing the bottle. He is EBF during the nights and weekends, and takes anywhere from 13-15 ounces while I am at work for 10 hours. I am extremely stressed and upset and not sure how to get him back on the bottle. The maximum my nanny has managed to get in is 7 ounces in a 10 hour period and that too under duress. He has been feeding extra at night to make up.

    I am particularly worried as I travel on work for 3 nights in a week's time, and I am not sure how to get him back to his 13-15 ounces.

    I have been told to let him starve during the day and stop solids and that he will eventually come back to the bottle. I plan to do that this weekend, but am wondering if there is an easier way. Is it ok if I give him the bottle, or should it be someone else?

    Please help me

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    Default Re: 6 month old refusing the bottle after vaccinations

    I think I would continue to let nanny work on it - he may be very reluctant to take the bottle from you, since he knows he can get the milk straight from the source! It's not unusual for babies to "reverse cycle," ie, save themselves for night nursing when mom is working during the day. Tiring for mom but not detrimental to the baby.

    I think forcing baby to take the baby under duress is unlikely to be a good long-term strategy - you don't want him to have negative associations with taking the bottle. A more low-key, laid-back approach may be more effective.

    You could also consider bottle alternatives, like cup feeding. Here's some info with a lot of links from kelly mom:

    If you feel like stopping solids for a little while may help, there is no harm in doing so - at this age solids are really just for him to learn tastes, textures and the motor skills for handling food, rather than a source for nutrition - he is still getting the great majority of his nutrition from you.

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    Default Re: 6 month old refusing the bottle after vaccinations

    hi momma. from my own experience with DD whenever she's having her vaccination she got slight fever like 38.5 which make her having poor appetite. you may check her tongue if there is some white thing in there and clean whith clean thin towel. your child's appetite may be back after few days.

    my DD too sometimes doesn't like to drink milk by bottle, in that case i know she want something different. i usually use big medicine droper and feed her like drinking her vitamins which she really like doing so or else give her little solid food. i dont want her to starve so that she will drink more on bottle because as i can see if i let her without food for 4-5 hrs, the more she refuses to eat or drink and lose appetite. at this stage, things are more challenging, mommy needs patience. as long as your son is gaining weight, has dirty diapers often then nothing to stress of. i know its not really easy, my DD is 6 mo & 3 weeks and doing just the same thing as yours. God bless you

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