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Thread: Want to try Relactation for 10mnth and 4year old

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    Default Want to try Relactation for 10mnth and 4year old

    So I had very bad breastfeeding experiences with both my children and only made it about a week ,I did try relactating for my daughter when she was 3mnths but my situation and environment wasnt supportive of it but I am in an extremely better more stable situation in life now and I cant shake the urge to wanna try again to relactate! I feel the bond with my children is wonderful so this is definitely more of a strong desire to provide some amazing nutrition and all the other wonderful things BM has and would love to know that I am providing it. My daughter is already 10 months I have been making her formula with a raw milk recipe for a few months which helped alot with the mourning of not breastfeeding and my son is 4 but has horrible allergies and excema and behavioral problems. So I guess I am wondering if I am crazy, can this be done again? Would it be beneficial to them? Ive read a few things online saying BM is beneficial for any age even adults with ailments! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Want to try Relactation for 10mnth and 4year old

    It can be done. You can make more milk at any time by giving your body the right cues. The only question is, is it worth it to you? If it is, then go for it!

    Breastmilk is always beneficial. But exactly how beneficial it is, particularly for older children, remains an open question, and I think is strongly influenced by individual circumstances.

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