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Thread: how long can a bottle last??

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    Default how long can a bottle last??

    hi! so i'm going back to work next week and have been pumping and getting ready with the bottles for my nanny. my little girl has been taking a bottle once a day for the past 2 months and been totally fine with it. until now… just when i'm going back to work… :/
    anyway.. i'm freezing my milk and using that milk to prepare her bottles.
    my question is..
    once i have defrosted the milk.. set it into a bottle.. and the bottle has been then warmed and ready for her to eat… how long do i have before the milk goes bad? if she doesn't eat it.. do i need to put it back in the fridge? can i leave it out? i'm pretty sure i can't rewarm it.. so then what do i do???

    looking for advice please
    don't want to waste milk, but also certainly don't want her to have milk that has gone bad.


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    Default Re: how long can a bottle last??

    Storage and handling guidelines for expressed milk: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/m...e/milkstorage/

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    Default Re: how long can a bottle last??

    I feel comfortable putting the bottle back in the fridge and rewarming one time. You can minimize having to do that by telling the nanny to prepare small bottles - for example, start with 2-3 oz, then if she drinks that and wants more, give another oz.

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    Default Re: how long can a bottle last??

    I give it 2-3 hours once it's out of the fridge. I'm really concerned about harmful bacteria growing in it. bfwmomof3 is also right, try to tell the nanny to prepare just small bottles or just enough. It is a waste when you prepare a lot, only for your LO not to drink all of it.

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