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Thread: Please help...don't want to stop BF'ing!

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    Default Please help...don't want to stop BF'ing!

    My almost five month old has been nursing horribly since Saturday. That day, she wouldn't even take the breast at all, so I had to give her expressed milk (thank God for my tiny stash). Since then, I have really had to work at getting her to stay latched long enough for the letdown. Once we get there, after alternating breasts for 5-10 mins, no problems. It's just getting there. We're both very frustrated and I don't know what's wrong. I thought she was teething, but Tylenol and teething tablets don't help. I've tried breast compressions, but those haven't helped, either. I tried to stay calm to encourage a quicker letdown, but that's hard to do with a hungry, screaming baby going back and forth between breasts. I was taking fenugreek, but I stopped that over the weekend. I only started that to increase pumping output. I'm afraid it was a huge mistake. At any rate, we have never, ever had any problems with BF'ing. She latched like a champ from day one. And she was great with the occasional bottle. So, this has me perplexed and so very worried. I'm afraid we're going to have to stop. Thoughts, suggestions?

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    Default Re: Please help...don't want to stop BF'ing!

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    Teething, or an ear infection or some other illness would be my first suspects here. Can you take her in to the doc and get those things ruled out/in?

    The absolute best thing you can do here is to be very, very patient with her, and to cut out the bottles if at all possible. You want your baby to get the message that eating means nursing, and that there are no alternatives to the breast no matter how frustrated she gets or how fussy she acts.

    Some things which may help:
    - nurse in a dark, quiet room
    - sleep in close proximity to baby- she may nurse more easily at night, when she's sleepy
    - nurse in a warm, relaxing bath
    - try instant reward- before latching baby on, express some milk onto the nipple to remind her why she's bothering to nurse
    - review your contraception choices- if you are using hormonal contraception, now might be a good time to try a different method, particularly if you just started a new hormonal method

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