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Thread: 11.5 week old more fussier and nursing all day!

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    Exclamation 11.5 week old more fussier and nursing all day!

    What happened? Kianna has been more fussier yesterday and today and I have been nursing all day long the past 2 days. She has been popping off and on crying and fussing... and I just pumped and I barely got any milk! I know they are not an indication of my supply but I'm worried. Kianna peed and pooped (twice) today so I know she's getting something. Plus when I squeeze, milk comes out and even spray a bit. What's going on? Do I need to eat more, drink more or? I haven't been feeling full since yesterday and leakage actually happened only once today (I leak at every feeding every time) She's 11.5 weeks (12 weeks on Sunday)

    Please help!

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    Default Re: 11.5 week old more fussier and nursing all day!

    Sounds like she could be working on a growth spurt. http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/growth-spurts/

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    Definitely could be a growth spurt.

    It could also be that your milk supply has recently adjusted to meet your baby's needs. Most moms start out making too much milk; it's nature's way of ensuring the baby gets fed while mastering the art of breastfeeding. When a mom is making more milk than her baby needs, she is likely to feel full/engorged fairly often, to leak a lot, to be able to pump a lot of milk in a short time period (if she is pumping), and to experience the letdown sensation. The upside of making too much milk is that the baby gets plenty of milk with relatively little effort. The downside is that mom is wasting energy producing unneeded milk and is more likely to end up with plugged ducts or mastitis. So after a while, most moms find that their supplies decrease to meet their babies' needs more precisely. When this adjustment takes place, they usually report diminished or vanished feelings of fullness, reduced or no leaking, less pump output, and weaker letdown sensation or no letdown sensation at all. The other thing that often happens when supply adjusts is that the baby acts fussy. She got used to one style of nursing, where the milk came out with little effort on her part. Now that there's less milk, she has to work harder for her meals, and she doesn't like that!

    If supply adjustment is the issue, here's what you do:
    - Watch diaper output. If that continues to be normal, you know baby is getting enough.
    - Feed on demand, even if that means feeding much more frequently than you are used to doing.
    - Try offering both breasts at a feeding if you have only been using one at a time.
    - Be patient! Your baby doesn't need you to make nursing easy for her. She needs you to give her the opportunity to learn to nurse with a more efficient, more effective style.

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