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Thread: Any success going from bottle to breast with older babies?

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    Default Any success going from bottle to breast with older babies?

    I’m looking for some encouragement or success stories from others who managed to teach older babies to latch. I found a few older threads, but any additional tips would be appreciated. Maybe it’s just a bad day, but I’m really losing my momentum and, partially, need to vent. This is my first post and I’m not familiar with the LLLI system yet, so if I miss anything let me know.

    My twins were born last July at 28 weeks gestation. They are now almost 6 months old/3 months corrected and bottle fed. I pumped and was allowed to BF once a day for 20 min. in the NICU and twice p/day for 15 min at home. Once home, I was using a nipple shield with one and successfully weaned the other from the shield in September. We were cleared to EBF in early November, but developed thrush that week and couldn’t chance anything that might affect their weight gain. A lot of boiling, diets, and 4 rounds of Diflucan later we are thrush free. Unfortunately, it now looks like whatever progress I had made is gone. I’ve been working with two LCs at the NICU outpatient feeding clinic, but was told today that it’s probably been too long and I should give up on them latching.

    I keep telling myself that if you can teach a baby to drink from a cup and eat solids- I should be able to re-teach them to nurse. The problem I’m having is that both want to “play” and become very frustrated by the time they want to actually eat. I know it will take a lot of time and effort. My dream-come-true goal would be to nurse at least one feeding a day. Anything more would be heaven, but I’m not counting on it at this point.

    If anyone has a success story or any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

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    Default Re: Any success going from bottle to breast with older babie

    I do not have a personal story but there is no doubt older babies this age and even older can learn or relearn to nurse. You may find more info on this if you look into adoption and nursing
    I would suggest perhaps speaking to an lc who is in private practice. It is possible the nicu lcs simply do not have the experience u need. If u have local LLL or other breast feeding support contact them as well.
    Have u tried an at the breast supplementer? Instant reward? Offering the breast to babies while asleep? Skin to skin? Nipple shield?
    The website www.kellymom.com has a good article with several ideas called help my baby won't nurse.
    I would also suggest don't aim for nursing once a day. A nursing baby nurses. What I mean is that once your babies start to nurse there is no reason to think it will be so limited. If they require additional nutrition given some other way, fine. But a typical 6 month old nurses for comfort just as much as for nutrition. When trying to bring baby to the breast it is usually comfort nursing that comes first. And playing with the breast is a typical pathway to that.
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