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Thread: 12 month old Nursing strike or something else??

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    Default 12 month old Nursing strike or something else??

    Hi everyone
    I am new to posting on this forum as I have been lucky enough to have had a nice smooth ride with breastfeeding for the last 12 months.
    My DS was exclusively breastfed, no bottles, started solids by baby led weaning method at 6 months, continued to breastfeed 4-5 times a day until 6 days ago......
    He refused his mid day feed, then his evening feed, slept the entire night (never done that before) fed in the morning and hasn't fed from the breast since.
    I offer the breast often but don't push it, he just grabs in his teeth, fakes a bite then laughs and hits my breasts and arches away from me or sucks his thumb. I have followed all the advice on getting through a nursing strike, he refuses even in his sleep.
    I am expressing milk which he has in a sippy cup after he has refused the breast but keeping up with his normal feeding times, he is overjoyed by the sight of his cup and guzzles down happily so he is not anti milk.
    Not worried about him going hungry as he eats solids well.
    I guess I am not ready to give up breastfeeding yet and was totally unprepared by this abrupt halt to our feeding relationship.
    Not really sure if this is a nursing strike or if my DS just wants his independence now.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    Default Re: 12 month old Nursing strike or something else??

    Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry that it's a nursing strike that caused you to join us.

    This is my best link on nursing strikes: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/ Basically, it recommends offering the breast in as low-pressure a way as possible, and hoping for the best. Extra points go to the moms who maintain supply through pumping!!!

    If it helps, I know several babies who went on strike at close to a year. Some went back to the breast, some didn't. Of those who didn't, a lot of the moms finished out the year with the pump. Not what they wanted, but it got them to their personal goalpost.

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    Default Re: 12 month old Nursing strike or something else??

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I have not dealt with a nursing strike but as my daughter has become more active and mobile she is less interested in nursing for full sessions during the day. I work during the week but on the weekends if she is too busy to nurse I will sit on the floor of her room with no top on and let her nurse via drive by. We play with her toys, let her practice standing and cruising and every so often she stops for a sip. Sometimes just a few seconds and sometimes a few minutes. I dont if this will help but it is certainly a VERY low pressure situation for your son.
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    Default Re: 12 month old Nursing strike or something else??

    My daughter did the same thing at 15 months. I was heartbroken and just kept pumping. We thought it was an ear infection or something causing it but it was not. I followed advice I received in this forum....walking around with a cardigan or unzipped shirt to make myself available (very hard to do in the winter...lol), sitting on the floor with her more so she could come over to me, even taking a bath with her.... and it worked! She actually tried latching on once in the tub but then stopped abruptly and I did not want to push her. When sitting on the floor once she came over and started to nurse...only briefly. Then, one day when just laying with her on the couch...on the boppy...she just started nursing. All in all...it lasted 10 days. I honestly was ready to give up but with persistence (without pressure) she started again.

    I am happy to say we are still nursing and my daughter will be 3 1/2 this month.

    Hang in there.... I felt the same way when she was on strike. I know how frustrating it is...sending hugs!!!
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    Default Re: 12 month old Nursing strike or something else??

    My older daughter went on a complete nursing strike at about 13 months. I agree with the PPs suggestions on weathering a strike. And, I just want to say, whether or not baby comes back to breast (and I hope he will), it's wonderful that you've nursed him for a year!

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