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Thread: Help! My 4wk old is making me crazy!

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    Unhappy Help! My 4wk old is making me crazy!

    I think my 4wk old is having a growth spurt and she's either screaming or eating ALL DAY LONG!! After I feed her or after pumping, my breasts feel so empty (for lack of a better way to describe the feeling) and sore! I expected my nipples to be sore, but this is my whole breast that hurts. We have single digit temps outside so just the thought of using cold packs makes me shiver out of my skin! What can I do for relief from the soreness? It literally feels like I have nothing left in my breasts to give her. I know I do, but continuing to feed her on sore breasts hurts!

    Also, she falls asleep at each feeding. I rub her back, her cheeks, her head... I play with her hands and her feet to try to wake her up... She either gets startled and yanks on my nipple or doesn't wake up at all. If I take her off when I think she's asleep, she screams to be put back on and goes back to sleep. She's still pulling milk out, just very slowly. I feel like a slave to her! My house is a mess. I'm exhausted. My husband doesn't get it. Help!
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    Does it help to know that this won't go on forever? Your baby is really young and her job is to eat, eat, eat and grow, grow, grow. Some people refer to this time as the "fourth trimester" - human babies need to be born a little before they otherwise would, because otherwise their heads get too big, but once they lose the constant nutrition from the cord, they need constant nutrition from the breast. It really will get better!

    How to get through it? Forget about the house. You'll have time to clean it up later. Insist that your husband take care of essential chores. He needs to feed YOU while you feed baby. Your job is to sit on the couch, or lie in bed, and nurse, nurse, nurse. Make sure you have a comfortable spot on the sofa with books, magazines, a computer/tablet/phone, remote control or whatever else you need to keep you entertained. And SLEEP when you can. Lying in bed nursing baby in a side-lying position. If it seems like you can't fall asleep that way - well, when you're tired enough, you will!

    At this point if everything is going well with breastfeeding, you could also try a pacifier to see if she'll give you a short break from the sucking.

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    Default Re: Help! My 4wk old is making me crazy!

    Hmm, whole-breast soreness after feeding sounds like it could be thrush or a bacterial infection. Either of those seem possible to you?

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    Default Re: Help! My 4wk old is making me crazy!

    I had whole breast soreness when the pump was turned up too high. Maybe that's something to play with?
    Also, hang in there! It gets better (and worse, and better, and worse).

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    Definitely agree with mommal. Your pain sounds out of the ordinary. http://www.lalecheleague.org/llleade...bmar00p10.html This link says to use warm compresses instead of cold. Does that help at all?

    Have you tried a sling or carrier to nurse baby in while moving about? Although I do agree with bfwmomof3. You should be focusing on healing from childbirth and taking care of baby. Delegate anything else for a while longer. It really will get better. Ds screamed bloody murder if he wasn't in someone's arms for the first three months and most of that was spent latched on. A year later he went through a phase where he wanted to help do dishes five times a day. He would drag a chair over to the sink himself.

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