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Thread: Spitting up during the day, not at night

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    Question Spitting up during the day, not at night


    My one month old spits up quite a bit during the day. I am frequently changing his clothes and the burp rag. At night he eats three or four times and rarely spits up. I've never experienced this with my other children. Any thoughts or suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong during the day?

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    My guess is that you're not doing anything wrong. Some babies are just spitters. The muscular sphincters which are responsible for keeping stomach contents in the stomach just aren't strong enough to do their job consistently. But time will take care of this problem. As baby gets bigger and stronger and his muscles develop, he'll stop spitting so much. And once he can sit up, the spitting will likely diminish greatly or even vanish.

    The fact that your baby spits more during the day makes me wonder if some of this is positional. Do you nurse in different positions during the night than you do during the day?

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    I have had children that were spitters before, up till about six months, like you say, when he could sit, but he did all the time, day and night. I always nurse sitting in a chair, day or night, so I don't know that it is that.

    I am wondering if it may be that my baby's just more relaxed and calm at night, and I'm not walking around the house burping him, while I'm taking care of everything. I don't know, I just wondered about it and thought perhaps someone else had experience with this. Thank you for your help.

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