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Thread: suggestions for a cheap single manual pump?

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    Default suggestions for a cheap single manual pump?

    I have a Medela double-electric pump to use during the day, but my 4wk old sleeps for up to 6hrs at night and my breasts become engorged by morning. My daughter doesn't always completely empty them at her morning feeding, but I'm usually too sleepy (ok, lazy) to pull out and set up the electric pump to empty my breasts. So I'm looking for suggestions for a good, cheap manual pump I can use in the morning -quick, easy relief and ensure the massive amount of milk I produced overnight does not go to waste. I read reviews of the Medela Harmony single manual pump and they said it leaked and the suction isn't the best.

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    Default Re: suggestions for a cheap single manual pump?

    I got the First Years single manual breast pump for when I went back to work at a year, in case I got engorged. I think it works fairly well, as long as you have the little arrows lined up properly. I got it cause it was the cheapest one I could find, and because I could have it all set up ahead of time and just pull it out quick as needed. http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/the-firs.../6000001830005

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    I bought the Medela Harmony about two weeks before Christmas so that I would be able to pump quietly in the back seat of the car while my husband or dad drove. I own a Medela PIS double electric, but I never really grew attached to it; mostly because it is rather noisy and would always wake the baby up when I tried to pump in the early morning.

    The only time that I've had my Medela Harmony leak was when I accidentally tipped it back too far (usually when trying to pick something up off the bed/couch while pumping xD). It then leaks out through the threading on the pump cap. The thing I liked about having both was that all of my Medela pump parts from the PIS were interchangeable with the Harmony -- no new pump part purchases required.

    I'm actually able to express more milk with the Harmony then I was with the PIS. I love how the handle swivels to accommodate different hand grips, especially since I have rather small hands and when trying pumps out in the store found that ones that didn't swivel made my hand cramp/tire after a very short time.

    I use my Harmony pump several times a day to express milk and I have yet to have any problems with it. I can usually easily get a 4/5oz bottle per pumping session in about 10-15 minutes.

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