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Thread: 8 mth still waking several times a night

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    Default 8 mth still waking several times a night

    Just a little background info. My son is a big boy at his 7 mth appt he was 23.5 lbs 30.5 in. He has nearly tripled his birth weight. He started solids at 6 mths but doesn't eat very much, he still mostly nurses. I am a stay at home mom and also have a 3 yr old. (So there is no napping when baby naps ). He started sleeping through the night at 2 mths. He would go from 8-4 nearly every night. Then at 5 mths he started waking more frequently, at first I just thought it was teething (he recently cut through his 8th tooth!) but it has continued since then. He wakes at least 5-6 times on a good night. Every 45 min on a bad one. He starts in his crib (in our room) and co-sleeps after the first waking. Each time he wakes he just nurses back to sleep. I have tried using a paci instead but he won't have it. During the day he nurses about every hour and a half to two hours (which doesnt bother me). Then I went to a class at night last week and my husband gave him his first formula bottle and he slept till 4am! Then on Saturday we went out and I left a formula bottle with the sitter (I'm horrible at pumping). And that night same thing, only 1 waking the whole night! I don't want to start supplementing on a regular basis but it seems obvious he's really hungry at night so what can I do to help him sleep through the night without supplementing? Thanks for any suggestions!!

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    Could you cluster feed for several hours leading up to bedtime? That might "tank him up" and achieve a longer sleep stretch. (Or not - I know that night waking is totally normal in the first year and in to the second...but if his issue is truly hunger related, this might help.)

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