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    Around mid November my little guy and I both developed Thrush. And it hurt both of us so bad that eventually I had to stop nursing and regrettably supplement with formula. I still tried to pump as often as I could but I just couldn't do it often enough. Finally, after all this time we got it cleared up and we are able to breastfeed again! However, due to me putting off pumping (which I KNOW I shouldn't have done...) I am struggling to produce enough milk for my little guy.

    I am taking 1 610mg of Fenugreek morning and night. I don't want to take too much... But its not helping... I've tried hot showers and heating pads and its not helping either. I've also tried nursing him whenever he's hungry and when he won't nurse anymore (due to not getting any milk I assume, because he's screaming and trashing around) I will pump some more to try to stimulate more milk production...

    What else can I do... I really would like to start exclusively breastfeeding again... :/

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    I'm so sorry to hear that! I know how you feel because my supply dropped like crazy when I had a stomach bug and it was hard to wait a few days for it to go back up again. Fenugreek is very good but you need to take a lot more than that. Try 3 pills 3 times a day. Drink a lot of water. Try to get him to nurse when he's not famished so he's not going crazy.

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