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Thread: Struggling to exclusively breastfeed

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    Default Depressed about struggling to exclusively breastfeed

    I seem to only be able to satisfy my LO in the morning when he first wakes up. It's the only time through the day that I can hear and see distinct swallowing/gulping sounds. The suck he has in the morning also feels different and deeper. I can definitely tell that he is becoming full. I can only feed him to full for the first 2, maybe 3 feeds of the day, from 4 am to noon (at the latest). It seems that after noon, my milk just dries up and all he does is fuss and never seem full. He would stay on the breast from noon until DH gets home and then he gets a bottle. We had to supplement him because I can't pump enough to give to him (breasts are very non-responsive to pump or I have low supply). He wasn't gaining enough weight and he actually lost weight between his first at-home Doc appointment and his second weigh in.
    He was 9 lbs even for birth weight. We brought him home at 8lbs 6oz. His first weigh in he was up to 8.11 (we were told to start supplementing in the hospital because he was slightly jaundice and having like 2-3 neon orange wet diapers a day). His second appointment he was 8lbs 10oz. I made appointment with IBCLC at pediatrician, she suggested that I up his calories in the bottles and give him SMALL bottles in between breast-bottle-breast (start at breast, bottle, end at breast). I was giving him a preemie cocktail per her instructions, at 1oz 6 times a day. He gained well and he was up to 9lbs 3oz, at the next weigh in later that week. His one month appointment is this coming Thursday and we have continued to need to supplement because he doesn't actively swallow and always seems hungry. He will be on the breast for hours, doesn't sleep, only cries the minute you take him off. We started giving him full bottles and I would pump. I can not pump more than 3/4 oz combined both breasts in one sitting.
    I do not know if I have a chronic low supply issue or if his suckling changes through the day. There is a distinct difference when he is sucking and getting milk, ei. swallowing and when he is just on it the rest of the day. I do not know what to do. I really want to breastfeed exclusively.
    I am taking Reglan, fenugreek, and mothers milk tea. I pump almost every hour and get nothing substantial. I feed LO often and for long periods of time. I eat a ton of oatmeal, drink plenty of water. As I said before, I've been to a IBCLC. His latch is fine, but doesn't suck-swallow-breath rhythm. I have also been to a la leche league meeting. I have seen an ENT about possible lip/tongue tie. I thought he might be lip tied but the Doc said she wasn't familiar and wouldn't snip without more info (she was an idiot and I do need a second opinion, with an PEDIATRIC ENT. She was just who his pediatrician referred me to to see ASAP). I do not know what else to do. Baby is 4 weeks old, plenty of wet diapers, only soiled ones once every other to once every 3 days.

    Can anyone give any help? Sorry this is such a long post.
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    Baby is 4 weeks old, plenty of wet diapers, only soiled ones once every other to once every 3 days.

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    Default Re: Struggling to exclusively breastfeed

    I'm confused are you going to get a second opinion re the lip tie?
    Do you think the issue is you don't make enough milk or the baby is unable to transfer milk efficiently? Or both?
    Are you getting continuing support from your lactation consultant? Has anyone that you have worked with done a before and after nursing weight check to see how baby is transferring milk? you would probably want to do several not just one.
    A baby being fussy and wanting to nurse constantly does not on it's own mean a mother has low milk production. Tell a baby is not getting enough milk by their weight gain. Over a period of time. Output is another clue this is why I'm a little concerned that baby is not pooping at least once a day. But perhaps that has something to do with the formula I'm not sure.

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    he didn't have the kind of weight gain they wanted. it took over three weeks to gain birth weight back. and yes, I am going for a second opinion about lip tie.

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    oh and when he does poop, it's an up the back blow out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*alykbb View Post
    oh and when he does poop, it's an up the back blow out.
    Woa, I have almost the exact situation going on, and it has been hard work and stressful! My baby also is only pooping once every 2 to 3 days, but doesn't seem uncomfortable, and like yours, it's a large amount of poop when it does come, but healthy-looking. I really think it's from the extra iron in the formula, which I believe can cause constipation? I am going to a lactation consultant to see if it would be wise to ease off the supplements so that he breast feeds more often, which will hopefully up my supply. Looking into a lip tie (or tongue tie?) is probably a good idea, to rule it out.

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