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Thread: Feeling like my supply is decreasing

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    Smile Feeling like my supply is decreasing

    Hi lovely Moms!

    I have a 13th month old and we love to nurse together~it's our special time together and it feels so wonderful to be able to nourish him this way still. However, I've found that my supply has been dwindling a little. Oliver will get a little frustrated that my let down doesn't come fast enough. Usually there's a good let down in both breasts and he often wants more but another let down takes a while. Do you have suggestions on how I can increase my supply, other than have oatmeal and nurse as much as possible? I'd love to continue nursing as much as possible! Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Feeling like my supply is decreasing

    It's normal for supply to decrease as the baby rounds the corner into his second year of life. First of all, caloric needs tend to decrease a bit around this point, as growth slows. And as a baby picks up his solid food intake, he's likely to nurse less and that will also cause supply to decrease. Also, if your period hasn't yet returned, it may be gearing up to come back- and many moms notice a dip in supy around the time they menstruate.

    Things to try:
    - nurse more often- busy toddlers often forget to nurse as much as they should
    - nurse in a low-distraction environment- your baby may focus more and fuss less when he's not distracted by other things, and already ready to run off and play
    - always nurse before offering solids
    - nurse at night, even if your baby would rather sleep (This is very much optional! Try this only if you prioritize supply over anything else- like sleep!)
    - pump- if your baby isn't doing the job, you can pump up the volume using a machine. But this is another last resort option- I don't like to think of any busy mom picking up the pump without an excellent reason to do so!!!

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