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    Hello! I have a 3 month old son who I am trying to EBF. I would like to stop pumping so much and not give him bottles at all anymore because I am tired of spending hours everyday pumping and feeling trapped in my house due to having to find a place to pump when I am out and about. I have been pumping from day 1 because when he was born he was transferred to the NICU at a different hospital (the hospital I delivered him at did not have a NICU). I was unable to try and breastfeed him until the day after his birth with the help of a lactation consultant and was unsuccessful in the beginning. We have come such a long way and I am determined to NOT GIVE UP! I have seen a lactation consultant 3 times and we have worked through him not wanting to breastfeed at all in the beginning, a bad latch, and a weak such in the beginning. He would also not breastfeed at all at night and now he wont even take a bottle at night. I am currently breastfeeding him all night including his morning feed when he first wakes up. I also breastfeed him throughout the day. The rest of the day I top him off with bottles after I attempt to try and breastfeed. He gets 4 or so a day. He is currently 15.4 lbs as of 2 weeks ago. The problem I am having is that he only really wants to nurse good when he is sleepy/drowsy. During the day he will drink a little bit and then pull off the breast over and over again. Sometimes he wont even latch and turn his head away. If I swaddle him up and feed him when he is falling asleep he will eat for a good 15 min-30 min or so. Its slow eating though as he is relaxed and falling asleep. Another problem I am having is that when I don't give him bottles I am constantly worried about whether or not he is getting enough milk. I count his messy/wet diapers to help calm my fears a little. From 7oclock this morning until 800 this evening he has had 2 messy diapers and 7 soak and wet diapers. Today is the first day that I have not given him a bottle at all. He is currently going on 28 hours without a bottle. He has nursed well today. He has a dr appt on the 7th of next month and my worst fear is that he isn't getting enough to eat and when I take him in to be weighed the dr is going to say he is not gaining enough! Then I have to worry about my milk supply because he hasn't been taking enough of what he needs. My milk supply is very good. I actually think I have an oversupply because I can't help but pump at least 5 times a day even when I do not give him a bottle because I am worried about losing my milk. I really think I am making this much more difficult than it really is and I don't want it to ruin my breastfeeding experience. Please tell me it's not too late to fix this because my son is now 3 months old. If he nurses all day like today do I just stop pumping all together? I am worried about clogged ducts. And can I assume that he drained me out enough if my breast is soft? Sorry this is so long and I have so many questions.

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    My son turned 3 months old last week and we are currently working on getting him off bottles during the day. He is nursing like a champ at night and his first morning feed. He gets about 3-4 bottles a day because he will only nurse when he is sleepy/drowsy. He is going on 48 hours without a bottle. I have to swaddle him and walk around with him in my arm to get him sleepy for him to nurse during the day. My question is when he nurses during the day it's for about 20-25 min. While he is eating he will go into short bursts of eating actively where he will suck swallow suck suck swallow for about a min or two then he's back to taking his time. Then in about 3-5 min he does the steady suck swallow suck suck swallow. Is he supposed to be eating like this the whole time he's nursing in order to get the right amount of milk? Instead of just a few min? He has had 6 soaking diapers since 5 am. And yesterday he had 7 soaking diapers and 2 messy diapers. I am really trying to get him off bottles because I am tired of pumping. Also I am constantly worrying about if he is getting enough milk. I'm so worried about taking him to the dr and them telling me he's not gaining enough after I stop the bottles. He is 25.5 inches long and 15.4 lbs as of 2 weeks ago. My supply is good and I have quite a bit in my freezer. During the night when I'm really full, after he nurses I am softened. Any advice about how to stop stressing and get him to nurse when he is awake?

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    Also he is not napping like he was when I was giving him bottles. He always napped for 30 min at least after a bottle and now he naps maybe 10 min after I lay him down after he nurses. Is he not getting as full or is it because he halfway naps while he's eating?

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    I would personally choose to stop giving him bottles. IF he is nursing in place of those bottles I would stop pumping, but if he isn't nursing in place of the bottles I would still pump for awhile to make sure everything is good. Just remember all babies just like adults have different weights that are normal for them. I would definitely feel comfortable saying that if your breast is soft he probably drained it well.

    How often/long does he nurse at night? IF he is nursing a lot that may be why he doesn't have as much interest in nursing during the day...

    I would also suggest that you know whats best for you and your baby, even if you are nervous about making that decision. I think that if you don't give him a bottle, and he refuses to nurse, or nurses and then acts hungry, you will know when he is hungry and if you need to you can give him a bottle or try to nurse again first. And keeping track of his messy/wet diapers is great if that eases your mind Keep at it while you nurse without bottles and see if he stays consistent with going well. (I had trouble remembering to count when mine were newborns )

    Good luck
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    Thank you for your reply. He nurses at least 10-30 min and 2-3 times at night from when he wakes up at 2 or 4 until 8 or 9

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    Sorry for the double posts . I thought the first one didn't post for some reason

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    Here's a suggestion for encouraging baby to nurse more. Find local la leche league or other breast-feeding group or just some moms who breast-feed and hang around with them with your baby. I see it over and over again that reluctant nursers will nurse when they see the other babies do it. Not tiny newborns but babies Who are old enough to see what other babies are doing, and yours maybe just about getting to that point.
    I would also suggest weaning gradually off the bottles if you are worried about stopping them cold turkey. And I would suggest perhaps worry less about how long baby nurses each time and simply encourage as frequent nursing as possible. It is normal for nursing sessions to be shorter at least some of the time especially by this age.
    Also please be aware that normal weight gain in breast-fed babies typically does slow down considerably after age 3 months. So that is something to be aware of.
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