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Thread: slimy yellow poop after 2 months allergy elimination diet

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    Default slimy yellow poop after 2 months allergy elimination diet

    For the past 2 months (1.5 if we're talking perfectly strictly) I've been on a dairy and soy elimination diet to address the green, slimy and eventually also blood speckled poo of my 4 month old exclusively breast fed daughter. The appearance of blood at 7 weeks was our first indication that something was abnormal. By that time, they'd been green and slimy for weeks, but she's my first, and i was told in the first week that the green color was a result of my spinach/seaweed supplement powder and green smoothies.

    Over the past two months of dairy/soy free diet, her facial rash has totally vanished, the blood reduced greatly (sometimes totally absent for a week at a time) and her poo has gradually gone from bright green to mustard yellow. However, it is rare that I see a curd, more often they are an evenly thin slimy consistency, or containing large globs of mucous. And there is also the occasional tiny speck of blood...

    The pediatrician we are seeing has told me that he thinks the tiny blood specks are the result of a tiny fissure which is still healing. But over the past few days, I have the feeling the sliminess may have even increased, though the color is good.

    Maybe I should add: I've recently started giving her infant probiotics (10 days ago), since she was born by emergency c-section, and I begin to believe there might be a connection between her food intolerances and lack of good gut flora...

    So... I'm wondering if the color is the first thing to chance, and I need to wait to see the consistency alter? Or if there might me another allergen which I am still eating (i.e. nuts, eggs, something else?) which is causing the slime and the occasional blood fleck.

    I'm a vegetarian, and an athlete, so I'm down to a few sources of needed protein. However, if there is real reason to cut out one of these, I'd do it before I'd stop breast feeding!

    I know this is a long post, but there's a fair amount of case history to cover...
    Any ideas or experiences to share? Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: slimy yellow poop after 2 months allergy elimination die

    i should add, we use a nipple shield... haven't been able to coax her to kick the habit (which we picked up in the hospital, alas).

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    Default Re: slimy yellow poop after 2 months allergy elimination die

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the baby and on making it to 4 months of nursing!

    So, aside from the poop issue, how is the baby doing? Is she growing and developing normally? How has her weight gain been? And how is your milk supply- would you rate it as just about right for your baby's needs, or is it more in the oversupply zone, where you're still feeling full or engorged on a regular basis?

    The reason I ask is that when a baby is otherwise healthy and growing, the poop issues you've outlined are generally not a concern, nor are they a reason to pursue a huge number of dietary eliminations. The consistency issue is especially not a big deal; by 4 months many babies have stopped producing curdy stools, and are producing stool that falls somewhere on the spectrum between watery yogurt and smooth peanut butter. (I bet you're ready for lunch now, right? )

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    Default Re: slimy yellow poop after 2 months allergy elimination die

    I agree with mommal it sounds like you got good results by eliminating Dairy & soy so it's a good guess they were causing issues and since these are common culprits it makes sense. However unless you were to reintroduce Dairy & soy there really is no way to know for sure sometimes these pooping consistencies have nothing to do with mothers diet at all. Pooped just looks different in different babies I've had three babies and I can tell you none of their poops looked the same.
    As far as the probiotics go here is my thinking on probiotics. Breastmilk is by far the best healer/normalizer of infant gut that there is. I'm not saying the probiotics hurt I know many moms who feel they have helped however if you were seeing a possible problem with them result I do not see any reason why you could not stop the probiotics if you wanted.

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