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Thread: How long from ice pack- fridge to freezer?

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    Default How long from ice pack- fridge to freezer?

    I pump two days a week and save my milk in Medela bottles in my pump ice pack until I'm home. As soon as I get home, I slide that ice pack with milk right into the fridge. Then right before bed, I freeze the bottled milk into bags. Is this good? I read somewhere to freeze as close to pump time as possible! I haven't done this :0 also what if I forgot to freeze before bed and did it the next morning... Is this safe? I did label those bags "LAST RESORT MILK" just in case it was like 15oz... I just couldn't pour it out...

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    Default Re: How long from ice pack- fridge to freezer?

    What you're doing is fine. Most moms pump during the day, fridge or ice pack while at work, then freeze in the evening. And really no big deal to freeze the next morning, or even a day or two later if you realize some milk is not going to be used right away. Definitely would not pour out 15 oz of precious milk!!

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