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Thread: Babe is sleeping through the night and I have questions.

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    Default Babe is sleeping through the night and I have questions.

    My first child still doesn't STTN at almost 2 years, and while she was nursing she always fed 2-3 times per night, and then when I started to EP for her, I always woke up to pump at 2am.

    Now, I have a 10 week old who started STTN (from 10pm-8am) about three weeks ago, progressively dropping her 2-3 nighttime "snacks." We co-sleep, and despite my efforts to work in some night feeds, if she wants to sleep she does NOT want to eat. She'll wake up a little and straight-arm me away from her!

    For about the first week she started to do this I would wake up really engorged, but now when I wake up my breasts are a little heavy, but certainly not full like they used to be. Is this just my body adjusting to when breasts are getting emptied now? It doesn't seem to be affecting my supply (yet) as she still has good output and seems satisfied with what I'm giving her, but I know that losing night feeds can affect your milk supply.

    Is there anything I need to be concerned about regarding supply?
    I'm Erin, mommy to Ella, born at 33 weeks 4 days, and Addison, born at 35 weeks and 5 days.

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    Default Re: Babe is sleeping through the night and I have questions.

    As long as you're home with her and feeding on demand throughout the day, and she continues to have good diaper output and normal weight gain, there's no reason to wake her at night. Daytime demand nursing will keep your supply where it needs to be at the time when the baby needs the milk. However, if she's not having good diaper output or weight gain, or you're working- and this is so unfair to working moms!- it's to your benefit to wake her at night and make sure she gets some nursing done. It's good for your supply, good for her intake, and good for her to practice.

    Don't get too used to the long sleep stretch- it almost surely will not last.

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    Default Re: Babe is sleeping through the night and I have questions.

    My LO started sleeping STTN at about the same time at 8wks and my breasts were engorged and then adjusted. My mother was a LL member for a while and said your breasts will adjust to the baby's needs, whether it include growth spurts and LO eating more at times... or LO sleeping through the night as well! I used that time to pump extra milk and store it for later. After about a week I stopped pumping the extra, and my breasts did adjust. There is nothing wrong with your milk supply It is working exactly as God intended. Your LO is giving you some rest! Maybe before their teething months start up. Enjoy it for what it is worth Hope this helps!

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