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Thread: how did you overcome fast let-down?

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    Default how did you overcome fast let-down?

    I have a 4 week old baby girl, she gets very fussy at the breast... Usually afterwards.. She will choke and gulp and I've tried pumping or expressing before nursing it seems to help some but I still have issues

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    Default Re: how did you overcome fast let-down?

    I had heavy letdown on just the left, so for a day I nursed twice on the right for every once on the left and that evened it out. If you have this problem on both sides you could try block nursing. Kellymom has a good article on the subject. http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

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    Default Re: how did you overcome fast let-down?

    with the PP. Block nursing can be very useful for a mom with oversupply. But block nursing is designed to reduce your milk supply, and it is possible to have fast letdowns without oversupply. So block nursing shouldn't be your first stop on your fast letdown journey, unless you are 100% sure that oversupply is a problem for you.

    Are you experiencing any/many of the following:
    - Frequent feelings of fullness or engorgement?
    - Strong letdown sensation?
    - Lots of leaking?
    - Baby coughing, choking, gagging, or making a click or cluck noise while nursing?
    - Baby pulling off the breast while nursing?
    - If baby pulls off the breast, do you see milk squirting or streaming from the breast?
    - Baby generally feeding rapidly, 5-10 minutes or less?
    - Baby gaining weight very well?

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    Default Re: how did you overcome fast let-down?

    Laid-back nursing is helpful with fast letdown - basically you don't want the milk flowing "downhill" to baby. Here are some links about laid-back nursing, you can play around with different positions:

    And pros and cons to block feeding:

    If you think oversupply is part of the issue, try to avoid pumping, because it can make it worse; you might try hand expression instead. You can also let the initial fast letdown spray into a towel.

    The way I personally overcome fast letdown? Time. Because I didn't even realize that that is what I had until I started learning more about breastfeeding. But as baby gets older (and 4 weeks is very young yet), babies become much more adept at dealing with the fast letdown.

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    Default Re: how did you overcome fast let-down?

    In my personal experience, nursing very frequently and nursing laid-back tamed both forceful letdown and overproduction just fine with two of my children, I also sometimes had to take the baby off the breast when the milk first let down, let it spray in to a towel and then put baby back on. I never needed to block feed, although I would let babies nurse one side at a time as they usually preferred.
    With my last baby I would also sometimes hand express just a little before she latched. I also would sometimes hand express just a little bit if I could not wake her up to nurse and I was getting very full feeling.

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