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    Hi all! My son is 13 months old tomorrow, and we have been doing baby led solids very successfully for several months now.
    My question is this: how long did you take prenatal vitamins while you were breastfeeding? I am planning to continue breastfeeding him until he weans himself. I have a very good diet. I just realized that I'll be out of vitamins soon, and wondered if i should get more or call it good. . Thanks!

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    I think you'd have to decide based on your diet. Do you think you adequately cover most vitamins on a good day or week? I started forgetting to take mine a few months or so after my daughter was born. But around that time I was able to cook more and eat more like my pre-baby self. So I figured if I took them once or twice a week, that was probably sufficient.
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    At 14 months, I've started cutting back. I still take them but not every day - a few times a week as I remember just to fill the gaps. I'd probably get more if I ran out, just because while we're not trying for another, we're not actively preventing either.

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    My DD's pediatrician and my obgyn recommended I continue to take the pre/post natal multivitamin for as long as I am breastfeeding, so that's what I'm doing (DD is 18 months) but I won't lie, I don't take it everyday.
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