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Thread: Mastitis and weaning

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    Default Mastitis and weaning


    I'm in the process of weaning my 2yo and so far so good, he hasn't nursed in one week but the problem is that now i have a little bit of pain in one breast. I tried to extract my milk manually but I can hardly get any milk out, I even put a hot towel before to make my breasts tender, what can I do? is there a big risk of mastitis or will the pain go away? I don't want to offer the breast to my kid because i'm afraid he will ask more after and he hasn't asked yet.... thanks!!

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    Just keep an eye on it. The pain may well go away without further treatment.

    But if you see any, several, or all of the following:
    - red streaks or patches on the exterior skin of the breast
    - fever
    - chills
    - deep muscle aches and pains
    - flu-like symptoms
    - a very tender or painful lump in the breast
    then you may have mastitis and it's time to do the following:
    - call your doctor- you may need antibiotics
    - consider either pumping or nursing, as the best treatment for a breast infection is to empty out the breast

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