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Thread: slow/no weight gain

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    Default slow/no weight gain

    Hi all
    I have just weighed my 13week old and in last 2 weeks he has lost 2oz. Some of that could be scale variation but even so he still hasnt gained. I am devastated as I had a terrible time bf my first son and thought this time was going better.
    He has been dropping centiles since birth but I had been ignoring that. I only weighed him today as he has been crying himself to sleep for weeks and I wanted to discount hunger as a reason. Now I dont think I can
    When I got home I just topped him up with 3oz expressed milk and he has gone to sleep for first time in weeks without crying.
    I dont know what to do. I cant pump well at all and only have about 5oz in freezer so that wont last long.

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    Default Re: slow/no weight gain

    Hi mama! Congrats on your baby!
    Can you answer some questions so we have a better idea of what's going on?
    What is baby's weight history?
    How many times a day do you nurse?
    How long are you separated if you are and how many/how much is in the bottles?
    How are wet diapers?
    Have you seen a lactation consultant?
    Any methods to encourage a long sleep at night like pacifier or swaddling?

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    Default Re: slow/no weight gain

    birth 3.99kg
    5 days 3.650kg
    7days 3.760kg
    12 days 4.010kg
    5+6wks 4.78kg
    6+5wks 4.94kg
    11+5wks 5.4kg
    13+3wks 5.36kg

    Nurse between 8 and 10 times a day
    We arent separated. Today was first bottle he has had.
    Wet diapers seem ok I think.
    Havent seen lactation consultant but been to local lll group
    Dont swaddle. Does have dummy but still wakes twice a night for feed.

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    Default Re: slow/no weight gain

    Couple more questions:
    - Have all weights been on the same scale?
    - Did you start any form of hormonal contraception at any point? (Including the Mirena IUD)
    - How is nursing going, in general? Is baby feeding on demand? Is nursing at all painful for you? Is baby very sleepy at the breast?

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    Default Re: slow/no weight gain

    No most done on different scales.
    No contraception.
    Feeding on demand. No pain. Never sleepy. In fact he wont fall asleep at the breast. He screams himself to sleep which is what prompted me to weigh him again in case he was hungry.

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    Default Re: slow/no weight gain

    But he does feed quickly. Sometimes only 5 mins each side then he wont feed any more.

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    Default Re: slow/no weight gain

    In that case, before you get freaked out by the apparent issues with weight gain, I would go in and have him weighed on the pediatrician's scale. Make sure it was the same one that was used the last time. Different scales can generate wildly different readings, particularly if we're talking about bathroom scales. I weigh 4 lbs more at my gyn's office than at my family practice doc's, and 10 more than I do at home.

    Forget the scale for a moment. Have you perceived that the baby has grown since your last office visit? Has he moved up a size in his clothing and diapers? Grown in length? Is it harder to get the snaps and zippers closed on him? Or is he in the same sizes he was a couple months ago?

    Fast feedings are very normal at this age. Most older babies get very efficient at the breast and are able to get full feedings in just 5-10 minutes.

    Strategies for increasing intake and weight gain:
    - Nurse more often.
    - Wake baby at least 1 extra time at night; even 1 more night feeding can result in a significant uptick in calorie intake.
    - Sleep in close proximity to the baby; this may result in increased night feeding.
    - Try herbal supplements, especially fenugreek and oatmeal. They can't hurt and may help (unless you happen to be diabetic, in which case fenugreek is probably contraindicated.)

    If the above are not enough, then you might want to consider the following:
    - Boosting your supply via pumping.
    - Getting a full work-up on your health, with emphasis on hormone levels (including thyroid hormone levels), and also on the baby's health, with emphasis on allergies and reflux.
    - Taking supply-boosting drugs (e.g. Domperidone, Reglan). (Choose this route with caution and under medical supervision; these drugs are not for all moms.)
    - Supplementing the baby with pumped milk (ideal) or formula (second choice). If you get to the point where supplements become necessary, let us know and we'll talk you through it.

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    Default Re: slow/no weight gain

    Thank you
    Unfortunately using the same scale is almost impossible. Im in the uk so its at health visitor clinics they get weighed and they carry their scales with them and its not always same one.
    Anyway I went to my regular clinic this morning and he weighed as having put on 2oz in 2 weeks. Not great but better. He now has a horrid cold and cough so am feeding him at least every 2hrs as he is struggling to feed. He fed at 10pm, 1am, 3am, 5am and 730am last night/this morning. Will let him get over this cold weigh him next week and see where we are.
    Thanks for the support.

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    Default Re: slow/no weight gain

    Sheesh, yet another thing that's wrong with the otherwise wonderful HV system! I'd look into finding a scale that a) is accurate and b) doesn't travel, because being moved a lot, maybe jounced around in a car, can screw with the calibration of the machine.

    Cough and cold makes me wonder if he might not have an ear infection. They can really put a dent in the baby's willingness to feed.

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