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Thread: When is my little one done?

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    Default When is my little one done?

    My babe and I have gone through a lot, but he is now 3 weeks old and Exclusively breast fed which is a goal of mine. However, he used to always drink for at least 15-20mins. Now he sometimes will only drink for like 5-8 minutes. Sometimes he will fall asleep. I will try all the typical things to wake him up, rubbing his foot with a wash cloth or wipe, undressing him, changing his diaper, rubbing his ears, nudging his chin, compressing my breast.

    Sometimes he will drink for hours on end, so I'm confused. I'm concerned because he was having to go to the drs often for weight checks and I dont want him to fail to gain weight or lose weight. Can someone give me some insight on this?

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    When nursing is going well and the baby is wetting/pooping enough and gaining weight at a normal rate, you don't need to worry much about how long he feeds. You can expect a mix of long and short feedings. Sometimes the baby wants to settle in for a long meal, sometimes he just wants a brief snack. Instead of looking at how long he feeds at an individual nursing session, pay attention to how he acts when he nurse and to how often he nurses overall. Is he sucking eagerly and swallowing a lot, is there milk in/around his mouth when he finishes? Or is he sucking very lightly, dozing off very soon after he gets onto the breast, swallowing very little? Is he nursing at least 10-12 times a day? Or is he nursing 8 or less?

    Since it sounds like your baby has had some issues with weight gain, it's probably a good idea to continue to watch his diaper output carefully and to do what you can to keep him wakeful at the breast. Just for maybe a few more weeks. By around 6 weeks, even the sleepiest babies have generally woken up and can be allowed to have short feedings and long naps if it suits them.

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