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Thread: 3 yo un-weaned himself?

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    Default 3 yo un-weaned himself?

    My 3 yo DS1 had, I had thought, weaned. He went almost 2 months without asking to nurse. Then, a few days ago, he started requesting it again. He asks in the morning after he first wakes up, and then usually once or twice more during the day.

    Is it not-unheard-of for preschoolers to wean and then un-wean themselves? It's kind of thrown me for a loop.
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    Default Re: 3 yo un-weaned himself?

    I actually think this is pretty common. This happens all the time for example when a new baby comes along after the older child has weaned. The incentive then Is probably all that milk and the new baby getting attention. I assume many things could "cause" a child to decide they want to nurse again and think it's entirely normal. I think generally it's helpful to View weaning as a process rather than something with a clear beginning middle and end.

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