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Thread: freezing once heated fresh breast milk?

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    Default freezing once heated fresh breast milk?

    hey there,

    I only get out once a week for a yoga class. and i find pumping milk very hard as i have two toddlers running around and causing mayhem. so even when my baby boy is sleeping finding time to pump is crazy.

    anyway, i managed to pump 5 oz (delighted with myself). i came home and hubs had heated the full bottle and said ds would not drink any of it. so i put it straight back into the fridge.

    can i now freeze it now that it is cold? or is it a case of it is now a waste?

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    Default Re: freezing once heated fresh breast milk?

    Here are the storage guidelines from kelly mom:

    Personally I would feel comfortable offering the previously heated milk to baby one additional time (you might offer it to baby and pump during that time to have some on hand for your next yoga class), but I wouldn't freeze it once it's already been heated.

    Also, baby's usual meal size at the breast is 2 or 3 oz. 5 oz would be a lot for one sitting. So DH should only heat 2 or 3 oz at a time, at the most, ather than 5 oz. How long are you gone from baby? If you are only gone for a couple hours, baby might need an oz or two at most to tide him over until you get home.

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    Default Re: freezing once heated fresh breast milk?

    Wow, 5 oz for me is a lot! You're doing a great job! I think just tell DH to heat just what is enough and just heat some more if LO wants more. In that way, you don't waste milk.

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