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Thread: Reusing heated breast milk

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    Default Reusing heated breast milk

    I supply my nursery with breast milk for my 9 month old. They are heating it up but if he refuses it they are throwing it away. Can u not put it back in the fridge then reheat it? Seems such a waste... I have also asked them to only heat 1oz at a time just in case...

    What do others do?

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    Default Re: Reusing heated breast milk

    Personally I would be okay with putting it back in the fridge and reheating it once. However, the nursery may have stricter rules than what you might do at home (that was the case for me). In that case, I think your idea of only heating up a small amount at a time is a good one. They DEFINITELY should be made to understand that unlike formula, your breastmilk is precious and should NOT be thrown away!

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    Default Re: Reusing heated breast milk

    Most breast milk information sources say you can reheat a partially used bottle once before throwing it away. The CDC and the FDA, however, do not recommend reusing a partial eaten bottle of expressed breast milk, and these are the rules most day care providers are required to follow.

    You should have the final say in how to prepare your bottles of milk and if they continue to prepare bottles larger than you want then maybe you should send in bottles already prepped. In fact, the daycare we used required us to bring in bottles exactly how we wanted them fed. They just heated and served.
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    Default Re: Reusing heated breast milk

    It is safe, but most day care centers have very strict rules they have to follow regarding health and safety practices. Your best bet is to provide them with smaller amounts to warm so they aren't having to waste it.
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    Default Re: Reusing heated breast milk

    Reheating once is fine. Maybe you can tell them to prepare just small amounts then just add when your LO wants more. I think they would understand that you don't want to waste milk.

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