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Thread: Baby Suddenly Rejecting Pumped Milk?

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    Default Baby Suddenly Rejecting Pumped Milk?

    So....my son is almost 14 months old and I have been working part time and pumping BM for him since he was 4 months old. Sometimes, I brought frozen milk to his caregiver, sometimes fresh..I have never been given any reports of him rejecting the milk. In fact, I always received the opposite report, that he would cry for more milk when the bottle was finished!

    Around thanksgiving time, I took a lot of time off work and my little guy had about 2 months where we were together all the time. No expressed breastmilk, just straight from the boob every day and night. We celebrated his 1st birthday and decided to be done with the bottle, since he hadn;t had it for so long anyway.

    At that time, I tried to introduce him to cows milk and found that he was not interested. In the last two weeks, I decided to start pumping again and get my guy drinking BM out of a sippy (which he had never done before) and then slowly mix cows into it to get him used to it. I was shocked to find that he had NO interest in drinking my BM out of a sippy, and then one night, my husband tried a bottle and he didn't want that either.

    I tasted my milk and for the first time I realized that my milk was very soapy tasting and that I likely had excess lipase activity and NOT known it until now. My thought is that when my son was little, he just tolerated it because he was so hungry and needed it so much, but after a break (where had only the fresh stuff) and now that he is older, he has decided to become more picky?? Does that sound right to you?

    And now I am wondering if I should go through the trouble of trying to scald my milk so he can drink it out of a sippy, or just forget pumping alltogether. Are the benefits of BM that has been scalded useful to a toddler? Or is it diminishing returns? I mostly pump at this point to keep the milk flowing as our feedings are only about 4 times a day-- but still, I certainly wanted him to drink my expressed milk.

    How annoying to think that I probably have excess lipase after all this time! I hope my next baby is not so picky either, I guess i was lucky he drank it this long!

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    Default Re: Baby Suddenly Rejecting Pumped Milk?

    I think there are two possibilities. One is that lipase can come and go, so it's possible that you didn't actually have it all along. The other is that your theory is correct, you've had it all along and baby wasn't as picky earlier. It's also not unusual for toddlers to lose interest in expressed milk, with or without lipase. Personally I think it's a lot of effort to go through to pump and scald milk for a toddler - I work full time and stopped pumping at a year with each of my babies, and after that just nursed when we were together. (If you are still pumping several times a day, you probably don't want to stop pumping cold turkey though - as with any type of weaning, pump weaning may go more smoothly if it goes slowly.) Although your supply will decrease, it should still match what your toddler is taking in when nursing. And a toddler who is nursing between 3 and 5 times a day, as yours is, is having his "dairy" needs met by you. Perfectly fine to introduce cow's milk, but if he doesn't want it, he's still getting what he needs from you. If you're worried he's not getting enough, you could also try other dairy like yogurt or cheese to make up the difference.

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    Default Re: Baby Suddenly Rejecting Pumped Milk?

    What she said!

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