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Thread: 2wk old spitting up breastmilk

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    Question 2wk old spitting up breastmilk

    My 2 week old has started spitting up breast milk after feeding, sometimes during! If she dozes off while nursing and then ends up spitting some of it up, she chokes a little and scares the crap out of me! Why is this happening? Any thoughts on how I can prevent it? Or is this normal? I'm afraid she will spit up while she is sleeping or napping and choke on it in her sleep.
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    Spitting up is normal, although some babies spit up more than others. The sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach that prevents older kids and adults from regurgitating after meals is not fully developed at first, so what goes down can often come up again. Nothing to be concerned about as long as your baby is a "happy spitter," ie seems unfazed by it, no projectile vomiting etc. Two of my babies were heavy spitters, I found it helped to keep them in a more upright position after feeding, but it didn't eliminate the spitting up entirely. And yes, spitting up while napping, spitting up a while after a meal... I basically never went anywhere without some cloth diapers at hand and a change of clothes for the baby!

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    with the PP. And you don't have to worry that your baby will choke on spit-up. Liquids can't get lodged in the esophagus the way solids can. They just get coughed out.

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