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Thread: Extended breastfeeding and offering cows milk

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    My son recently turned one. During his one year visit with the doctor I told her I was still breastfeeding and planned on letting him self wean. She seemed pretty supportive till she asked how many times and ounces of cow's milk was I offering him. I told her that I read that I didn't necessarily have to offer cow's milk if they were still nursing three to four times a day. She said she disagreed and that cow's milk has more fat in it that breastmilk, and he needs this fat to learn. This is a total disagreement with everything I have read so far. I have read that breastmilk is the one that has more fat and it is a special fat that is designed for their growing brains. :-/ She recommends that even if he was breastfeeding that he drink 17-20 oz of cows milk along with the water I was already offering him. Sounds to me if I offered that much milk he would most definitely not have room to nurse! lol Are any extended breastfeeding mommas offering cows milk? Its it a necessity or is it just this doctors view that after one all babies need to be weaned to cows milk.

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    I'm imagining your visit with the doc...

    You: "I didn't think I had to offer cow's milk if I nursed frequently."

    Doctor: "No, no, no. Let me just consult my big book of Made-Up Medical Statistics- Hey, don't look! Only doctors are allowed to see this book. Hide your eyes. Okay, yup, just like I thought: the book says that breastmilk doesn't have any fat in it and your baby needs just as much cow's milk as if you weren't nursing at all."

    You might want to bring this article in for your doctor to read: http://pediatrics.aappublications.or.../e432.full.pdf. Basically, it says that milk from a mom who has been nursing for >1 year has relatively more fat and more energy than milk from the mom of a younger baby- though I suspect that is in part because most moms overproduce in quantity during the first weeks/months of breastfeeding, and the more milk you have the more likely it is that you will have a lot of so-called foremilk, i.e. watery, lactose-rich, relatively lower fat milk.

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    Yep! lol I thought it was ridiculous, but just checking. Didn't want to walk around feeling guilty that I was purposely denying my darling the nutrients he needs to be a genius. ;-) Have no clue why doctors think that breastmilk turns to water and has absolutely no nutritional value except for hydration when they reach one year. Really bummed because I thought she was more holistic! :-(

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    Oh my goodness, how ridiculous! My current LO didn't like cow's milk at first, and I didn't worry because I was still nursing her. She's 22 months now and still doesn't drink cow's milk when I am around, but has some during the day when I'm at work.

    ETA: Also, I think pediatricians just have really limited experience with mothers nursing toddlers. Only 25% of babies in the U.S. are still being breastfed at a year, and I've never seen any numbers beyond that, but I imagine it's fewer still. Good for you for keeping up nursing!

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