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Thread: Pacifiers and BFing Newborns

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    Question Pacifiers and BFing Newborns

    I know that pacifiers are not recommended while breastfeeding, or maybe it was at all. I've read that giving the newborn a binky can give them the illusion that they are eating which is probably why it soothes them...

    DD1 was FF and loved her binky, DD2 was FF but didn't like the binky. DD3 was EBF but I don't remember offering a binky since I was BFing. Our next LO is due in July and I have to admit that a part of me wants to use a binky. But I wanted to see if any moms have successful stories of EBF while using binkies. And stories about it being harmful are welcome to I want to know more facts and opinions so I can make a better decision when its time, not just what might be easier for me but what is best for my baby.

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    Default Re: Pacifiers and BFing Newborns

    Hi mama, my older two had no interest in a pacifier, though #2 loved her thumb! The third one did get a pacifier starting around 2 months, which was after I went back to work. She's 22 months and still loves nursing, so it doesn't seem to have affected anything. If breastfeeding is going well - and you're an experienced mom when it comes to breastfeeding - and baby is not using the pacifier rather than breastfeeding, ie baby is nursing on demand, gaining weight well, and comfort nursing too - then I don't think a pacifier is necessarily detrimental.

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    Default Re: Pacifiers and BFing Newborns

    We used a pacifier starting at the hospital, just because I was overwhelmed and confused, and when the poor thing had to go under the lights for jaundice I wanted her to have something since I couldn't BF her the whole time. It didn't really harm anything as far as I could see for us. LO never had trouble gaining weight and most of our nursing issues stemmed from other problems, but worked themselves out. Only problem was that she used to only use it for sleeping, but a little after age 1 started wanting it all the time. She now only uses it if she's upset or sleeping, but upset is a lot for a 2-year-old. I have mixed feelings about it, but overall it's actually been helpful in a lot of situations. Like when she started daycare, I think it helped her when she was really scared and upset to have that crutch. We're just hoping she loses interest in it. I have a few friends whose LOs didn't want pacifiers, and they wanted to stay latched all night for sleeping and woke A LOT, and both couples ended up sleep training around 18 months. I'm not saying that's a normal correlation -- just my and friends' experiences. I say if you want to use it, go ahead, but just monitor for problems.

    I'm already wondering what I'm going to do for #2, myself!
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    Default Re: Pacifiers and BFing Newborns

    Pacifiers work for a lot of nursing moms. Just keep them out of the mix for the first 3-4 weeks, or longer if breastfeeding isn't going well. Delaying the introduction means the pacifier is much less likely to cause problems.

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    Default Re: Pacifiers and BFing Newborns

    My son loved his pacifier, and breastfed well. We didn't intend for him to have a pacifier in the hospital, but he was given one, and because he was in special care before being discharged, he was pretty attached to it when he left the hospital. It didn't interfere with nursing and seemed to comfort him, so we didn't try to remove it. It's different for everyone, but if it works for you and you nurse when they're hungry, I wouldn't guess it would interfere.

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    Default Re: Pacifiers and BFing Newborns

    We introduced a pacifier around 5 or 6 weeks, but only used it occasionally. DS lost interest in it around 6 months, with the exception of nap time at daycare when I wasn't there to nurse him to sleep. I actually tried to re-introduce him to the pacifier around 8 months, when his sleep issues peaked, hoping it would help, but he never took to it again.
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