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Thread: is my baby eating enough?

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    Default is my baby eating enough?

    Hello, I have a two week old who seems to be happy and content after every feeding. He eats every 1-3 hours and I happily offer if I see him giving hunger cues after 30 or so minutes of being on the breast. My problem is most of his feedings last about 10 minutes of consistent sucking and then it turns into little sucks and him pulling off or falling asleep. Most feedings are 10 minutes. Is it possible that he is getting enough milk? When I pump i have seen that my letdown is about 2oz and I can pump that in five minutes. I have a huge supply of milk and am constantly leaking or spraying him when I go to feed..sometimes he chokes at the beginning but has no problem keeping up with my flow at the start. I just see that he should be on the breast for at least 15 minutes or more.

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    When a baby is being fed on demand (or at least 10-12 times per day if the baby is non-demanding), and is having sufficient wet and poopy diaper output and adequate weight gain, the baby is getting enough to eat no matter how long or short his feedings are. And feeding length varies widely, even among new babies. Some will require close to an hour to complete a feeding, some will get all they need in just 5-10 minutes at the breast.

    When a mom has a significant oversupply, her baby is likely to feed rapidly. The fast letdowns mean that the baby can transfer a lot of milk in a short time span, and the baby is unlikely to spend a lot of time comfort sucking because the flow can be uncomfortably fast and because he doesn't want to overfill a full tummy. If fast letdowns are making nursing difficult for the baby, it may help to adopt reclined nursing positions, which enlist gravity to slow the flow of milk. You also want to adopt a "finish the first breast first" nursing strategy. Instead of swapping breasts after some predetermined time limit, you allow the baby unlimited time on the first breast. When he comes off the first breast, you offer the second, but you don't stress is baby acts uninterested or takes just a brief nip.

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    I envy you! My two week old can feed for 20-30 minutes on one side, doze off, sleep for about 30-45min and then wake up starving like she hasn't eaten in HOURS and feed on the other breast for another 10-15 min! The whole process can take as long as an hours and a half; I wish she was satisfied after 10 minutes! But like the previous poster said, if you're letting down that much milk and your little one is not begging for more, he must be getting enough. Surely as he grows, his appetite will certainly catch up to your supply!
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