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Thread: Cosleeping: how to stop

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    Default Cosleeping: how to stop

    Hello! I am curious about something. My son is just over a year and cosleeps part of the night. He starts in his crib from 7-10 then after he wakes up moves to bed with us. Typically he sleeps restfully next to me, and I love having him close plus I can get enough rest to function at work. But, for the past month he's been sleeping so restlessly. There are nights he can't get comfortable and just thrashing back and forth or will want to nurse non-stop. Or he won't be able to fall asleep in bed and I'll have to sit in our glider with him for an hour or so. He's still up 2-3 times a night, more on a bad night. He can put himself to sleep, and has done it enough. And during naps and bedtime I will put him down half awake and he will go to sleep with no fuss. But in the middle of the night if he wakes up, i nurse him, then try to put him down he will just scream. He will NOT let me put him back in the crib. He only does this in the middle of the night. Any ideas why? I'm just curious. And when im ready, how do I stop this and teach him how to sleep in his crib all night? I don't want to cry it out.

    I should add that his top teeth are bulging under the gum and will not break through. I suspect his bad sleep is because they are hurting him. He also only has 2 teeth, so I know he has a lot of teething ahead of him. So with this said, if he is going to be so restless at night it might make more sense to keep cosleeping for now. My issue is that he is so restless and it's hard to sleep next to him (we only have a queen bed and not much room). Should I continue cosleeping and try again in a few months? Will it be difficult to move him out of our bed if I wait until he's 18 months or 2 years?

    You ladies have always given me great advice, and I really appreciate it!

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    Default Re: Cosleeping: how to stop

    Can you put a mattress or futon on the floor and co-sleep with him there? If it's just you and baby on the mattress, you can have some more space for both of you, which should reduce the problem with the wiggling. And you can potentially slip away for part of the night, and share a bed with your DH- at least until the baby wakes and needs you.

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